Martian Glass Bubbler - The Perfect Halloween Gift

Aliens are terrifying, have you seen that thing about an eponymous alien that terrifies a small group of helpless schmoes, you know, ET? Aliens have taken a special place in the pantheon of the public imagination.

We conquered the earth, we know there’s no monsters hiding deep in the woods, but the stars maintain their mystery and danger.

However, we don’t need to fear the unknown, we can tame it, conquer it, and cram it into cute little consumer products that can help us enjoy our favorite herb.

That’s how we defeated the things that go bump in the night and that’s how we’ll defeat our fear of creatures from beyond the moon.

Cold as Space

The Martian bubbler is a clever and innovative bubbler that can be used to totally transform your experience with a hand-rolled blunt. The tiny glass bubbler is designed to work with your blunt to deliver cool, delicious hits every time.

It is a compact piece of glass, only a few scant centimeters tall, and it comes with a pendant loop, so you can wear it as a necklace if you want. We don’t know why you would, but hey, it’s your life.

The Martian bubbler is a beautiful if compact little piece of glass, with a little green man frozen inside it in coloured glass.

This gives this piece real character, and it’s cute enough to help you control your terror at the thought of monsters from the black void of space.

Smooth Hits and Smooth Looks

This bubbler is totally spill proof, so if you’re worried about getting your Martian Glass Bubbler UK | EDIT UKpainstakingly rolled blunt went, you can let those fears go. The water obviously cools the smoke from your blunt as it passes through it, but it also helps capture the small carbon particles released by combustion.

The bubbler features a little carb hole that will allow you to control the intensity of your hits, which is an incredible boon for such a small piece. When this was designed, everything was crammed in to ensure the best and coolest hits possible.

Made For Sharing

This is the perfect party piece, letting you enjoy a few hits of your favorite herbal blend without worrying that your preferred way of rolling is too harsh for your friends.


This little bubbler is the most straight forward and accessible way to enjoy dry herb. You can be sure that even the most confused novice will have an intuitive grasp of how this handy little piece of glass works.