Grinders 101: A Complete Guide for Buying the Best Herb Grinder

Sometimes you have to look at the fundamentals of something. It may not be glamourous, but it's very necessary. In the vape market we can all be found guilty of lusting after the next big thing, often in the form of a brand-new vaporizer with more bells and whistles than ever. But, no matter how good your vaporizer you won’t get a truly great vape experience without a decent grinder. Grinders aren’t the most exciting thing in the world. If you break it down, at their core all they really are is two pieces of interlocking metal that chops up your herb with tiny teeth.

Kannastor Grinder Multiple PieceThis isn’t as cool as an OLED screen that gives you real time feedback of the tiny hot oven in your hand-held portable vape. That said, a good grind is important for a vape. If you’re using a conduction vaporizer then you need a fine grind to ensure that as much of your herb is in contact with your vape’s heating system to be directly heated. For convection vaporizers you need a grind with plenty of room for air to flow through your chamber and access as much of your herb’s surface area as possible.

So, grinders are important, but like anything else there’s a whole range of different models in the world that offer subtly different results that could totally transform your vape experience.

Multi-Piece Grinders

Kannastor GrinderThis is the type of grinder that everyone should be familiar with: A little cylinder you twist by hand to chop up your herb. They come in everything from two to four pieces. The most basic model is the two piece, you simply drop your herb in between the two pieces, chew it up, and tip it out. We have a great range of Dry Herb Grinders that we hope will meet all your grinding needs.

A four-piece grinder is a bit more complicated, but easier to use. You drop in a piece of herb, it gets chewed up and then drops into a little chamber that allows you to collect it more easily. Often, they feature another chamber that has a fine sifter that allows finer particles to drop through for easy collection. These can often be extremely potent, too.

Hand-Crank Grinders

Hand Crank GrinderHand-crank grinders are somewhat more complicated than their muliti-part cousins. Rather than using your hand to twist the grinder, hand-crank grinders use a mechanical crank system to breakdown your herb. If you need to grind large amounts of herb into a very fine form, then a hand crank grinder is the best way to go. You simply drop the herb in and start turning the handle. Very quickly, your herb will be broken down into a fine grind.

Electric Grinders

Chewy Electric Grinder Cheech and ChongElectric grinders are a fantastic option for anyone who wants to grind their herb down one-handed. The Chewy 2 Grinder is ones of absolute favs! You simply drop your herb into the grinder and then switch it on. In no time your herb will be consistently and finely ground. This option is particularly good for anyone with mobility issues In their hands. If you're still wondering which type of grinder is perfect for you, check out our Grinder Buying Guide, you're sure to find "The One"