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Vortex Gravity Bong
Vortex Gravity Bong

Vortex Gravity Bong
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  • Product Description

    Vortex Gravity Bong UK

    The Vortex Gravity Water Bong is truly a piece to be reckoned with, it’s garnered a whole host of critical acclaim, even winning the hotly contested 2006 High Times Cup. This innovative piece offers superior gravity-powered filtration. This is the next step for all water pipes.


    The Vortex is a truly innovative piece and holds the honour of being the first totally portable water-powered dry herb smoking system. It cleverly uses the force of gravity to push water from one of its chambers to the other/ This process helps produce a truly potent and dense cloud of herb smoke. For such a small  piece the hits are truly mind-blowing!

    Smooth, Gravity-Powered Filtration

    The genius of The Vortex is in its patented design that uses gravity to filter your smoke between two chambers while simultaneously ensuring that your draw is easy and smooth. Since gravity is doing all the work you'll find that the Vortex is much easier on your lungs; making your entire smoking experience much more comfortable and relaxing

    Sturdy Design

    Best of all the Vortex is eminently portable, it’s durable body can stand up to the rigors of parties, outdoor adventures and anything else you could possibly throw at it. This will come as a god send for anyone who has had to listen to the heart-breaking sound of your bong breaking after an encounter with a wayward elbow.

    Striking Appearance

    This piece is truly on another level, it looks like the next step in dry herb smoking. It’s fitting that something so innovative should have such a distinctive look. This will surely stand out in your collection!

    It is available in a wide array of attractive colours, there’s an option for anyone!
    be sure to check the options under the drop down menu.

  • Technical Specifications
    brand Vortex
    height 331mm
    joint Female, Male
    material Acrylic
    mouthpiece Straight
    percolator Gravity Bong
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