Excitement is Stacking Up For The Totem Vaporizer

You've heard all the noise, all the talk about the Totem Vaporizer – how amazing it is, or on the contrary how crap it is. But what’s the truth?

The sweet peeps over at Totem hooked me up with a Totem Vaporizer to give you all an exclusive rundown of the upcoming vaporizer! (question: if I keep saying exclusive; will it make me sound important?!)

I Am Shock(proof)ed – I tried

Upon my first proper usage of the Totem Vape, I noticed how lightweight the product was? The vaporizer is lightweight but robust - didn’t you hear it was shock-proof? Meaning it can withstand any fall on any surface material.

Drop it on the tiles in the kitchen? Fine. Drop it on the ground in your back garden? As good as new. Out fishing and get a fish caught on your line and all in the commotion you accidently drop it in the water?

In perfect nick - that’s right, the Totem is also waterproof – madness, right! The Totem is truly the vaporizer for the clumsy vaper.

Totem Portable Vape I EDIT UK

Technology Things

Now, onto the more technical stuff. The Totem has 4 temperature modes – all distinguished by various colors;

    • Blue - 356ºF/180ºC
    • Purple - 374ºF/190ºC
    • Orange - 392ºF/200ºC
    • Red - 400ºF/210ºC.

These LEDs can be turned on or off depending on your desired levels of discreetness. Offering 4 heating pathways gives the user more control on their vape sesh.

The Totem offers a synchronized duo hybrid system uses both conduction and convection heating systems for a pure taste and potent hit. There is an impressive airflow on the Totem, too. Not too restricted, not too hard – just right.

The Totem provides suburb battery life – you can get a whopping 60 mins out of this bad boy with continued use. When the battery is low, the Totems lights will blink instead of pulsating during heat-up time.

It is important to mention that the Totem is a dry herb only vaporizer.

The Totem can easily fit into the pocket of your jeans, pants jacket etc – smoke that emits from the vaporizer after inhalation is almost inconspicuous and there is no smell left lingering with the Totem. Perfect for the secret vapor.

Stack Em’ Up

Friends Vaping With Totem | EDIT UK

Now, for the coolest part and for the first time ever in vaporizer history. The Totem is interconnectable or stackable. You can double the hit, double the power, double the flavor. Keep building your totem and experience a rocket fueled rip by combining multiple vaporizers, perfect for sharing with friends.

To Buy Or Not To Buy?

I am thoroughly impressed with my experience with the Totem. The Totem is redefining standards, it pushes the status quo and brings you to undiscovered experiences. I cannot recommend the Totem enough – it is the Vaporizer of tomorrow.