Davinci Vaporizers - Old Versus New

In our modern consumer-driven economy, it can be easy to get obsessed with owning the newest thing.

We’re all conditioned into it, even I am guilty of going through five phones and three wives in the last few years alone! Of course, this attitude means that we can miss out on some truly fantastic products that are far from obsolete.

DaVinci have hit the vape scene hard with their latest vaporizer the Miqro. This is a compact, sleek, and efficient little vape, but let's not forget about its predecessor. The DaVinci IQ is still an incredible vaporizer that stands head and shoulders above the rest of the market.


DaVinci IQ Vaporizer | EDIT UK

In a saturated market it’s important to have something that stands out. DaVinci knew this so they designed their flagship vaporizer to deliver the most intense, pure flavour possible. To do this they built the IQ with a 100% ceramic zirconia airpath that is totally non-reactive, this means that you’ll only experience the flavour of your herb, no polluting plastic tangs.

Smart Path Technology

Of course, a high quality airpath alone isn’t the only thing you need to create great tasting vapor, you also need careful, precision temperature control. The IQ uses cutting edge Smart Path technology that allows users to customise their vape experience with four different temperature settings which all actively adjust the temperature to ensure that your herb is vaporized in the most efficient manner possible.

The IQ also features three unique functions that can completely transform your vape experience; Smart Path, Precision Mode, and Boost Mode. Smart Path is the default setting that ensures that your IQ delivers the most consistent vape experience possible. Precision Mode lets you adjust your IQ’s temperature in tiny, incremental units; perfect for customizing your experience. Boost Mode briefly kicks your vapes heating chamber into overdrive to delivers potent vapor quickly.

Bluetooth App

The IQ is a minimalist vaporizer that incentivises sleek design and ease of use over a battery of buttons and dials. This doesn’t limit its functionality, however. You can use the IQs Bluetooth connectivity to interact with the DaVinci smartphone app. This app allows you to track the temperature of your IQ’s oven and control it with more precision than you can imagine!


The new Davinci MIQRO is the king of discreetness, however that doesn't mean the Davinci IQ has become obsolete since it's arrival. The IQ offers fantastic features and better overall performance. When choosing your next vaporizer the Davinci IQ should still be amongst the possible contenders.