How Genius is The Genius Pipe?

Genius is a word that holds a whole lot of gravitas. It isn’t just thrown around. Well, ok, it is. A lot.

Everything from pocket calculators to sweet potato fires have the word Genius thrown at them. Hey, maybe it’s appropriate, maybe these various things really are the peak of human intellectual achievement. Then again, maybe it’s just normal, everyday hyperbole.

Of course, it's easy to snort at every mention of ‘genius’ as another marketing over-reach, that would be over-cynical. Sometimes, things just are genius, they’re smart, they’re innovative, they’re good in the extreme. One such thing, is the Genius pipe. Which is Genius.

Keep It Cool

The Genius pipe packs a massive amount of effective smoke cooling into its compact and sleek pipe. The metal body that ensconces the pipe’s air path are cast into a matrix of studs that whip the hit that passes over it into a cascade of cooling swirls.

These swirls mean that you can enjoy cooling above that is above and beyond that of a normal pipe. The swirling air doesn't just cool your herb, it also purifies it, with each hit taking out up to 95% of tar and resin, for an overall smoother and better session

Genius Fashion Statement

The Genius pipe is a truly innovative pipe which was designed with Zen philosophy in mind. It is a sleek simple device that comes in a huge range of attractive and stylish finishes. Being purely functional isn’t enough anymore, you have to look good while doing it.

This is totally understandable, consumer brands like Apple have redefined what a product is. It must be as much of a fashion statement as it is utilitarian in how if fulfills its function.


The body of the Genius is held securely together with magnets, which makes it anGenius Pipe Silver Top Black Body closed easy pipe to clean and store. When the time comes to clean your pipe all you need to do is slide it apart and wipe it with some cleaning solution. Another advantage of the magnetic lock is that it means that you can prepack a bowl and trust the genius to keep it safe until you want to use it. When that time comes, simply slide the pipe open and enjoy a great and cool session.