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Dabbing is taking the UK herb scene by storm, but it has come with a small caveat. Many neophytes aren’t used to heating up the glass nails on their dabbing rigs with butane torches. It can understandably be tricky, especially if your nail is made of borosilicate glass.Glass is somewhat resistant to thermal shock, but the temperatures that dabbing occurs at is incredibly high and incorrect use of your butane torch can result in broken nails. Thankfully ingenious dab luminaries have found a way to mitigate that risk entirely, self-heating electric nails, or e-nails for short.

E-nails take the same principles as a traditional titanium or quartz nail remove the need for a butane torch. Dabbing works by connecting a nail with a small water bong, often called a bubbler. When you kit is ready you prepare the nail by heating it up with a small butane torch (creme brulee torches are popular for this purpose). The nail must be incredibly hot before the next step; pick up a piece of dab material, oil, wax, or shatter, and drop it onto the nail. If you have heated the nail up correctly it should vaporise instantly.

This is a rather involved process and frankly the butane torch is dangerous enough before you follow up the first hit. Taking out the ‘open flame’ element of the whole debacle. While you still have to be careful not to burn yourself with the high temperature of the nail, you can rest somewhat easy that you’re not going to accidentally set yourself on fire.


There are clear benefits to going elric when it comes to your dab rig’s nail. Your nail will remain cleaner as the more consistent temperatures will lead to a smoother vaporisation of your dabbing material. Many e-nails come with a temperature control knob so it’s easier to maintain a constant low temperature for medicinal purposes. Low temperature dabbing leads to a smoother easier hit making it perfect for anyone who isn’t used to the rigors of using a water bong.

The better your nail, and the more evenly heated it is the better your dabbing experience. A clean transition from wax or oil to vapor is the best you can hope for and the best thing for your lungs. Burning isn’t the worst thing in the world and can be mitigated with a carb cap. The resulting smoke will be harsher on your lungs.


E-nails are a lot safer for repeatedly dabbing in one session. Dabs are much more powerful than any other form of herb concentrate. A single hit may contain as many active ingredients as several joints or bong bowls. Naturally this can lead to impaired reflexes and spacial awareness. That’s ok it happens to all of us. Operating a  butane torch in this scenario isn’t the greatest of ideas, however operating the switch of an e-nail is a somewhat more reasonable proposition.


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