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Digital Vaporizers - Buy the most Powerful and Efficient Vaporizers

Digital vaporizers allow you to have even greater control over how you enjoy your herb. Thanks to their precise controls you can use them to incrementally control the temperature of your unit’s chamber by individual degrees. Many Digital Vaporizers also come with a large LCD or LED display so you can tell exactly what’s going on inside your device. No more guess work!

 Dry herb vaporizers work by manipulating the boiling points of the cannabinoids present in your plant. Each chemical has a different boiling point and vaporizers allow you to manipulate the heat of your unit to only boil off specific chemicals. This means that you can control what sort of effects you experience from the herb as you enjoy it. This can have amazing health benefits too for those who seek to use herb for medicinal purposes.

Here’s a quick break down of the common cannabinoids in the most popular form of herb.

157 °C/ 314°F - THC - Pain Relief And Euphoria

This is the most famous cannabinoid, everyone has heard of this no matter how new to the UK herb scene they are. It has analgesic effects to relieve pain, and euphoric effects for that high we all know and love. This setting is great for alleviating pain while reducing anxiety, bear in mind though for some users THC can induce paranoia.

175°C/ 347°F - Delta 8 THC- Antinausea

Delta 8 THC is similar to THC and has antinausea properties

180°C/ 356°F - CBD - Anticonvulsant, Antipsychotic, and doesn’t induce a high

The cannabinoid most sought after for its medicinal properties. Unlike other active ingredients in herb it doesn’t make the user high. It does however have antipsychotic properties and helps combat convulsions.

185°C/ 365°F - CBN- Sedative Effect

CBN is present in only small amounts but is said to have sedative effects, so is a great ingredient for those who are looking to combat insomnia.

220°C/ 428°F - CBN- Anti-Inflammatory

This chemical has anti inflammatory effects and is also thought to boost the pain killing effects of the herb.

220°C/ 428°F - THCV

Not a huge amount of study has been focused on this herb ingredient, however it is thought to moderate THC

230°C/ 446°F - Combustion!

Your herb has caught fire, you may as well be smoking a blunt and you’re damaging your vape unit!

Being able to control the temperature also allows you to manipulate the density of the vapor you inhale. The higher the temperature of your heating element then the thicker the vapor. Of course you can increase the thickness of your too.

Digital dry herb vaporizers come in dozens of different forms. The two broadest categories being portable and desktop.

Portable vaporizers like the Da Vinci IQ are intended for use when you’re out and about. They come with rechargeable batteries and are much smaller than their desktop counterparts. Generally they trade chamber size for portability, so they are more intended for individuals than sharing.

Desktop vapes tend to be much larger and more robust than portable vaporizers. They operate from an electrical outlet and usually integrate a whip for the user to vape from. A whip is a long flexible tube, not a million miles away from the pipe of a hookah. Desktop vaporizers are nearly always convection based so they generally have a better quality of vapor and they have larger chambers so they suit sharing. Good desktop vaporizers would be the Volcano Digit, or the Arizer Extreme Q Tower vaporizer.

Digital vaporizers are very precise and user friendly but they only make up a small part of our huge array of vaporizers, both portable and desktop that can be found on our UK web store!

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