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Dabbing, Dab Rigs & Dab Accessories - Dab Essentials


Dabbing, Dab Rigs & Dab Accessories

Dab Rigs. The New Kids on the Smoking Block. The ability to smoke shatters, oils, waxes and concentrates, has finally been combined with the desirability of artisan bongs. We now stock a full range of Dab Rigs and dabbing accessories, to ease your transition into this new world. The distillation of the right compounds, leaving all or the vast majority of the plant material behind, concentrates are a more potent hit,  

Take your super heated “Nail” and press into your concentrate, releasing the precious vapours within. We’ve got nails, rigs, recyclers, torches for lighting/heating, from all of the renowned producers of glassware. Stepping up into this new arena are all your favourite bong making brands, and they’re bringing the ingenuity and innovation of master glass blowers to this new way to smoke.

Dabbing vs. Bongs

The key difference between these two types of smoking accessories is the material that is to be consumed through them. Concentrates which can be a little more difficult to handle, are rendered as easy to smoke as dry herbs by a good Dab Rig and nail. Dab Rigs and accessories available on EveryoneDoesIt are optimised for handling concentrates at every step of the process, from smoking through to cleaning.

Advantages of Dabbing

Quickly becoming the favoured method for serious enthusiasts, Dabbing offers a range of advantages over traditional bongs/smoking. Dab Rigs tend to be a little smaller than their bong equivalents, and as well as being more convenient, this serves the dual purpose of keeping the smoke thick, milky and condensed in the small space. Safety is another key concern and a well designed Dab Rig will ensure that you never have an accident while you’re superheating nails with butane torches.

It's Dab time!

Ultimately, if you’re an enthusiast, the increasing availability and appeal of concentrates globally is sure to have been piquing your interest. With our comprehensive collection, you’ll find everything you need to start exploring this new school of thought in confidence!

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