YouTubers That Are "High" on Our List

YouTubers That Are

YouTube - The home of all the best entertainment videos

YouTube - the place to go when you’re lying in bed, bored or the place to go for some quick, carefree entertainment while smoking a bowl.

I’ve been watching YouTube since its inception. Back then it was a terrible user experience, with black bars on the side and poor video quality. It was still great then but it’s even better now. There is a YouTube channel for almost any interest.

Blast from the Past - Old YouTube Logo

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Lighting a bowl, switching on your vape or going through the song and dance ritual of rolling a joint, before going on YouTube, can leave you in awe at the thousands* of videos on offer.

*According to YouTube - every minute 400 hours of content are uploaded to the site from users across the globe. Wowzers!

So which YouTubers should you watch?

Here are my personal preferences:

Joe Rogan

Joe RoganLast up is the Joe Rogan Experience. The biweekly YouTube podcast has a huge following with many dedicated fans. Rogan interviews an array of people from MMA fighters, CEO’s to outdoorsy male followers. The visual podcasts are really long - we’re talking 3 hours sometimes - but they’re totally uncensored. Joe and his guests cover anything and everything.

This podcast feels more like a conversation between Joe and his guests rather than a structured interview. I’ve personally found it extremely relaxing to listen to. Bonus! Joe is also a huge fan of sparking up.


MrBeast, more formally known as Jimmy Donaldson, is a YouTuber from Greenville North Carolina. MrBeast does attention-grabbing stunts.

Mr Beast

He films friends and family and the videos frequently show him giving tonnes of money away to groups of people, such as Twitch streamers, homeless people or his fans. MrBeast has been deemed as “YouTube's biggest philanthropist” because of his acts of extreme charity and giving. He even paid off his mom's mortgage! Double wowzers!

In addition to Donaldson’s giving, his videos feature wacky ideas like counting to 100,000 in one day, watching paint dry and trying to push a car with 1,000 fans. 

David Dobrik

David Dobrik David Dobrik is originally from Slovakia but moved to Vernon Hills, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago at a very young age. Dobrik gained internet fame from Vine - a six-second video platform. Now, Dobirk’s videos are 4:20 minutes long - fitting, right - and jam-packed with sketches, high-energy acting and crazy stunts all usually performed by members of The Vlog Squad. (The Vlog Squad is a group of internet personalities who vlog.) Dobrik’s quick and short vlogs don’t need your full undivided attention so that makes them perfect for watching after hitting one of our Glass Bongs.

Chris Klemens

Chris KlemensOnline prankster and renowned “high on the street guy” Chris Klemens is next on our list. Much like ourselves, Chris is an avid dry herb smoker and loves to spark up while playing Fortnite. Chris’ out-there content is highly enjoyable (pun intended) and will be sure to give you the giggles. Chris actually did a sponsored video with fellow herb fan and YouTuber Christine Sydelko for us, EveryoneDoesIt. You can watch it here. We sent Chris a mystery box of items from our site - like the Pax 3 and Gold Leaf Rolling Papers, which he loved.