Martian Glass Bubbler | UK

Vendor: MJ Arsenal

Title: Martian Glass Bubbler | Inferno

Martian Glass Bubbler | Inferno

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The Martian Glass Bubbler UK

We’ve seen a huge amount of demand for the Martian Blunt Bubbler Glass Bubbler on the UK market- and with good reason! Owning a blunt bubbler will change the way you smoke blunts and joints forever. It uses an innovative waterpipe-inspired design to cool your hits and allow you to enjoy your blunts with the smooth ease of a premium bong hit.

Blunts and joints are probably the most popular way to enjoy herb, the majority of smokers have no doubt partaken of a toke or two, and the majority probably also experienced their formative smoking experiences this way. However this is one of the harshest ways to enjoy your herb, and coughing fits are very common. If only there were an efficient way to cool down these hits....

Enter the Blunt Bubbler! 

A Smooth, Cool, and Tasty Hit Every Time

The Martian Glass Bubbler is an innovative product that takes the basic concept of a bong or glass bubbler and applies it to a compact piece of glass meant to work with your blunt. The Martian Glass Bubbler is only a few cm tall, and features a stable glass base that will keep it from tipping over when not in use. This blunt bubbler is so compact that it actually comes with a pendant loop so you can wear it around your neck as a functional fashion statement (just make sure you keep it clean!).

Spill Proof And Striking Design

This blunt bubbler has a spill proof design so you don’t have to worry about getting your blunt wet, and it has all the functionality of a one-hitter style herb pipe that minimises waste and helps filter out toxins.

The Martian Glass Bubbler is made with high quality glass and is emblazoned with the distinctive Martian design and a custom MJ logo on the base. The aesthetic and intelligent design makes The Martian Blunt Bubbler a fantastic piece for anyone looking to augment their blunt smoking experience and enjoy a cooler, smoother hit.

This product hit the UK market and immediately found itself under a huge amount of demand. Be sure to grab yours before they're all snapped up!

Cleaning and Caring for you Blunt Bubbler

Due to the small size of this item, a residue build up is unfortunately likely to happen sooner rather than later in your Blunt Bubbler. Prevention is easier than the cure, so regular minor clean ups should be performed instead of periodical major clean up missions. Using your favourite bong cleaner and some household cleaning utensils (as well as a bit of elbow grease!) you'll have your Blunt Bubbler polished back to a high shine in no time. 

Blunt Bubbler- Pros & Cons:


  • Cools smoke from blunts, spliffs, joints etc. making the experience of using those much more pleasant
  • Small and portable
  • Discreet design resembles jewellery
  • Made of a durable glass designed to be hardwearing


  • Requires regular cleaning


Martian Glass Bubbler Blunt Bubbler

So why delay? If you partake of your herbs via rolling with papers etc, why not level up the entire experience? Cooler, more palatable hits of smoke, with increased flavour yields, this blunt bubbler creates a new type of smoking experience, somewhere between a blunt and a bong. The Martian Glass Bubbler is your ideal entry point into this field of blunt bubbling, strong and effective like a premium bong but affordable and durable enough to be a bargain. What are you waiting for? Start blunt bubbling today with the Martian Glass Bubbler Blunt Bubbler!

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Martian Glass Bubbler | Inferno