Why You Should Choose the Davinci MIQRO

There are a lot of common factors that draw people to the vape scene, a desire for a smooth vape experience, freedom from combustion, and a more efficient way to use their herb.

More niche factors include flavour and discreetness. Flavour is an obvious factor; if you’re striking out combustion you free yourself from the carbon and tars released by it.

This means that you get to enjoy the purest possible flavour of your herb, all you get is the untainted essence of your herb.

Discreetness is a less obvious factor, but it is indeed a great advantage that vapes have. Vaporizers don’t produce great gouts of smoke, they don’t leave a lingering stink, and they don’t require an open flame to use.

With this in mind, it’s clear that there’s a market out there for a vaporizer that offers discretion and great flavour, and vape legends, DaVinci have moved to fill that niche.

DaVinci are the creators of the legendary IQ, a vape that redefined quality vapor and vapor flavour standards. The Davinci MIQRO is DaVinci’s latest offering int the world of portable dry herb vaporizers.

Davinci MIQRO

The Davinci MIQRO is compact and portable vaporizer, even smaller than the already sleek IQ. It has a conduction-based heating system, doubtless to save on space, as conduction vapes require less space than convection vapes. Not only is it a lighter unit, it also has a lighter price point, costing less than the IQ.

Discretion Defined

The MIQRO is made for pure portability and discretion. This, however has come with a few trade-offs. The first tradeoff is a slightly reduced battery life. This isn’t anything too extreme, but if you’re looking for the life of an IQ in a smaller package this is not it.

It is small though, smaller than most smart phones. This tiny vape will fit in any pocket, you can even fit this thing in the tightest of skinny jeans! Don’t think this size comes at the cost of toughness, this vaporizer is tough. It can stand up to the day to day rigors of a vaporizer.

High IQ

The MIQRO lives up to the IQ’s legacy. It offers the same smart path technology that DaVinci built their name on. It has a heat up time of roughly 40 seconds. The MIQRO's vapor path is ceramic, much like the IQ, the external mouthpiece is made of it too. The blow size is large for about .25 grams of herb and, due to the fact that it is a conduction vape, a fine grind is recommended.


The MIQRO is the perfect vaporizer for anyone who wants a discreet, portable vaporizer but who also wants the best flavour possible. If you don’t mind the tradeoff diminished power, then we can’t recommend the MIQRO enough.