Totem Vaporizer Review

Totem Vaporizer Review

Portable vaporizers, new to the ever-growing vaping market, have generally been greeted with a healthy balance of skepticism and optimism.

But sometimes a vape in this class generates more enthusiasm, maybe even great excitement! This was certainly the case for us prior to reviewing the new ‘Totem’ vaporizer.

In a first for the portable vaping world, the ‘Totem’ boasts a unique feature:

‘Totem’ vaporizers can connect together, amounting to a completely new vaping experience.

It is designed for dry herb, but you can put oil on a wick (piece of cotton) and place inside the chamber if so needed.

So did ‘Totem’ live up to its ‘high’ expectations or did it fall flat along the way? Thankfully we got our hands on a few of them, PRE-SALE, to find out!


First Impression

We were happy to see secure, yet minimal packaging from the people at ‘Totem’. Quite often in the vaporizer market, designers seem to spend more time on the cardboard box the device comes in, rather than the device itself!

The ‘Totem’ is engineered and marketed to be both shockproof and waterproof. We decided to test this statement outside in the rain by juggling three devices all at once.

Sad to report the juggling was dreadful and all devices hit the ground.

Happy to report all three worked perfectly afterward and continue to do so.

Note: Error on the side of caution and do not juggle your devices.

From an aesthetics point of view, it’s a fantastic looking device with an edgy logo down the middle of its smooth and slick design. Inside it is made from stainless steel, while the outer shell is covered in a silicon exterior - durability a very obvious characteristic of this vaporizer.

It certainly looks and feels great, but the crucial question is does it vape well?


We were like giddy kids on Christmas morning eager to try out the ‘stackable’ option because it is completely new to the vaporizer market, but after a coin flip, it was decided each of us should vape the device on its own first.

With only one button, it is very easy to use and ideal for people new to vaping.

Using the conduction method, the ceramic chamber evenly heated our herb providing tasty flavor, nice clouds and perfect ‘AVB’.

The lowest of the four temperature settings gave us the most smooth, intense flavor and taste from our herb. We found the higher we went, the bigger the clouds became. Higher in temperature, of course, …sure…sure..

“temperature”...  😁

The vapor path is long which allows for a smooth cool draw each time.

Similar to say the likes of the ‘Pax2’ vaporizer in terms of delivery and function, just not as discreet, as the ‘Totem’ is slightly bigger in size coming in at 3cm x 11.8cm x 3cm. Nonetheless, It still fits in your pocket/ bag etc

Stackable Option

After testing ‘Totem’s waterproof and shockproof claim, it was time to try out ‘Totem’s’ unique selling point - connectable devices!

For the first time in the vaping market, you can connect a totem vaporizer to another totem vaporizer (or more) to create one giant hybrid vaporizer that utilizes both conduction AND convection heating methods.

Not only that, but you can connect them in different ways for different effects! (Simple to connect and has an instruction manual included just in case)

SMOOTH MODE You can connect 2 or more devices and heat using only one chamber. This creates a longer vape path allowing for the vape to cool twice as much before it hits your lips giving the smoothest, coolest hits you are likely to ever have.

TOTEM MODE You connect 2 or more devices but this time using the opposite ends. With both chambers fully loaded you get double the hit, double the power and double the flavor. We loved this option. Maybe TOO MUCH!!

Note: By putting different herbs in each chamber AND heating each device at a different temperature you can create a truly unique vaping experience.

Totem vaporizer is stackable

Temperature & Heat Up Time

The Totem comes with 4 distinct temperatures. Heating time is quick between 30-60 seconds depending on your chosen temperature. It will flash your chosen color until it is fully heated after which it remains that color.

If you are more into flavors and discretion choose low heat. Otherwise, crank it up and release the clouds.

Simple to use - Press the button until it reaches your desired color.


356°F /  180°C


374°F / 190°C


392°F / 200°C


400°F / 210°C


The ‘Totem’ has a powerful 1350mAh, 3.7v battery which, using the USB cable provided, fully charges in about 2 hours.

You can get approximately an hour of vaping out of a full charge.

It also comes with an ‘auto off’ function which turns the device off after 4 minutes of inactivity.

You know the battery is low when the light blinks instead of pulsating when it is heating up.

Check Out What Comes With the Totem Vaporizer!



It will fit in your hand but is slightly bigger than the ‘PAX2’ for example.

It will not heat up while charging - not a con really but worth noting

4 or more devices can make the draw harder but at the same time, you are getting a stronger hit or cooler vape so it balances out.


Very similar to a ‘PAX2’ in performance but thankfully the opposite in price.

Coming in at an incredibly reasonable price of £50 you might end up buying two to share and stack together.

Note: £50 is PRESALE PRICE so get it now at the lower price


The Totem vaporiser is more than a sturdy portable vaporizer. It provides you with smooth tasty clouds, but as in life, the real magic starts when you connect with others.

Very easy to use along with a reasonable price makes it perfect for people new to the vaping scene. Its unique stacking/connecting option will appeal to vaping veterans alike.

The ‘Totem’ certainly has the quality and uniqueness to become a player in a very big vaping market. Parties will be so much more fun when strangers connect by connecting with their ‘Totem’ vaporizers

‘Totem’ certainly lives up to its expectations and thankfully only fell flat when we tried to juggle them!

Ideal not only for parties, but for trips to the beach, hiking and other outdoor adventures. With a 1-year warranty included we cannot recommend the ‘Totem’ highly enough.