Are Dr Dabbers the Best Vape Pens on the Market?

Is Dr Dabber a real doctor? Probably not, or if he is it certainly isn’t in a medical field. Maybe he has a PHD in Botany, or Interpretive Dance. Whatever, we’re not here to question his academic credentials (that will be covered in next week's post). All that matters to us is the quality of his vapes.

Dr Dabber specialise in pen-style vaporizers meant to be used with concentrates. Pen vapes are super-simple and super-compact, making them easy to use on the go. They’re a common sub-set of portable vaporizers, and thanks to their omission of a herb heating chamber they can be even more compact and power efficient.Dr Dabber Light Vaporizer Concentrates are a unique form of herb that is created by putting herb through a purification process. The first step of this process is to push all of the active ingredients out of the plant matter with a chemical solvent. A common chemical used in this stage is butane. The next step is to isolate the active ingredients from the solvent by using a vacuum oven to boil off the solvent. This results in one of three forms of concentrate oil, wax, or shatter. Oil is a runny, honey like concentrate and is the least potent of the three. Wax is a sticky crumbly from, while shatter is a brittle glass-like concentrate that is the most potent of all the forms of concentrate.

Dr Dabber Aurora Vaporizer

Concentrate Vaporizers that use a special heating element that reaches temperatures much higher than those possible with a herb vape. These heating systems are often coils of conductive material that superheat to the point where any concentrate that touches them is instantly vaporized.

Light Vaporizer Pen

The Light Vaporizer Pen from Dr Dabber is one of the smallest and most compact vapes in the Dr Dabber range. Despite this, it still has great vapor production. It’s designed to be used with wax and oil concentrates, using its titanium heating elements to effectively and cleanly vaporize them cleanly with no burning or harsh smoke. The titanium heating system also means that it has a super-fast heat up time thanks to the metal’s conductive nature.Dr Dabber Light Vaporizer

The Light has clearly been built with portability in mind, this is evident not only in its size but the fact that it comes packaged with a handy shatterproof silicone ball. This ball is totally non-stick, allowing you to store and carry your concentrates with no trouble at all.

The Light comes packaged with two light attachments and dab handling tools for both oil and wax.

The Aurora Vaporizer Pen

The Aurora is a more substantial vaporizer than the Light, but it remains user-friendly and portable. The Aurora uses magnets to lock its sections together firmly and without the need for any awkward threading. It features three carefully calibrated heat levels, and on top of this it has 3 different atomizers.

Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer with Kit

The three atomizers are intended for different types of concentrate. The dual quartz rod atomizer is great for low-viscosity concentrates, the dual ceramic rods are great for more viscous forms, and the ceramic halo atomizer is ideal for more crumbly concentrates. All three of these atomizers come connected to a crystal quartz dish.

The three atomizers combine with the three heating calibrations to offer you a fantastic variety of different vape experiences. The heat settings are color-coded in three LED colors green, for low, blue, for medium, and pink, for high. The Aurora also features two optional mouthpieces, for even more optionality.