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Basil Bush

Based in the UK and founded in the ‘90s Basil Bush are one of the biggest names in the UK herb scene and they are widely known for their super-affordable pieces. With well over 20 years of bong experience to their name, you can bet that Basil Bush are able to deliver on their guarantee of high quality pieces at incredibly low prices.

Basil Bush have a giant selection of great quality 100% acrylic bongs. Though many supposed bong experts may tell you that glass bongs are the only way to go when it comes to enjoying your dry herb. Despite this conventional ‘wisdom’ you can rest assured that you can enjoy a great, hefty, and delicious hit from an acrylic piece. You will find that acrylic bongs hold a whole variety of great advantages over their more traditional glass cousins. One obvious point is that acrylic is much less prone to shattering than a glass piece. Not just that it is easy to maintain and keep clean due to the fact that it is machine washable. You won’t have to go on struggling with bong cleaning fluid as you gently clean resin off of your delicate glass bong. All you have to do is chuck your acrylic bong in the dishwasher and chill out as the it does all the hard work for you.

The most important thing about acrylic pieces is that they can come in a huge selection of colours! You can indulge your flamboyant size and find a bong in any colour that suits your tastes the most. This is sure to add a dash of vibrant colour to your bong collection. A colourful acrylic bong will grab attention during any sesh and brighten up even the dreariest of sessions! Thanks to the resilient nature of acrylic you can relax during the sesh, free from the worry that a wayward elbow will knock over and destroy your precious bong.

If you just can’t walk away from your devotion to glass then you can be sure that Basil Bush have a selection of striking and high quality glass. Basil Bush bongs come with a host of extras including percolators, diffuser downstems, handy splash guards, and more!. All of these features combine to make sure that you get a smooth hit every single time.

Basil Bush offer the avid bong fan everything they need to perfect your smoking kit, including a great range of dry herb grinders. A smoking kit isn’t complete until you get a grinder. No real herb fan should be caught without one of their own. Basil Bush are well aware of how important a dry herb grinder is and they have made sure that all of theirs are made to the very  highest quality.

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