Top Beaker Bongs in UK

Glass Bong
Beaker bongs are practically a pre-requisite for any bong owner. These pieces are so ubiquitous that the most puritanical granny can identify one at a glance. These distinctive bell-bottomed beakers have been a big part of the bong scene for so long for a good reason, they're reliable, easy to use, and they look great.

Of course, most people in the bong scene have a certain amount of knowledge when it comes to these most basic of bongs. If you don't, it can be a bit intimidating to ask. We get it, don't worry, we're here to help.

Beaker bongs are more than just a pretty face, they are functional pieces of glasswork. They have an incredible advantage in their voluminous water reservoir, which gives you more water to filter your smoke and deliver a smooth hits.

Due to sheer amount of it the water in this type of bong tends to stay cleaner for longer, so you won't have to clean it as often (great for the lazier herb fans out there).

Finally, these bongs are super-stable thanks to their broad footprint and big reservoir mean that they'll wobble but the won't fall down! (DISCLAIMER: They can still totally fall down, so be careful).

White Rhino - Beaker Base 2 Perc Bong

White Rhino Bong I NamasteVapes UK

Created with advanced lampworking techniques by bong legends White Rhino, this beaker bong is a work of art. Built from quality, tempered borosilicate glass it’s a sturdy piece. This bong is practically bulletproof, with 7mm thick glass. It’s a beautiful piece too standing 45mm tall and made from frosted glass.

The dome percolators in the mid-section break up your hit into smaller bubbles, cooling and filtering it further and delivering a smoother hit. This piece is a true testament to White Rhino’s expertise.

The Enterprise Beaker Base Bong

Enterprise Beaker Bong I NamasteVapes UK

This bong is designed to be used at parties. It comes with a specially designed indentation in its base that’s designed to connect with a LED light; every hit will come with a light show!

The bong also features a drum percolator for amazing filtration and ice notches for when you want an extra cool hit.

Glass Bong Small Stretch Bubble

Glass Bong Small Stretch Bubble I NamasteVapes UK

Some bongs can be far too expensive, but not this bong, this bong will be kind to your pocket. Some bongs are far too large, but not this bong; it won't dominate your living room like a glass monolith.

This tiny bong delivers a truly heady hit. If you’re worried that it’s diminutive size will make it prone to tipping over then rest easy, it’s sturdy rubber base keeps this pint-sized powerhouse in place.