Kandypens: All You Need in a Dab Pen

Dab pens are the easiest way to enjoy concentrates. They're also fairly simple devices, little more than a metal tube and a heating element of some kind. Don't let this simplicity fool you, though, you can't skimp on quality. A jet engine only has one moving part, that's pretty simple, but you wouldn't fly in a plane that's skimping on the quality there!

Kandypens are one of the biggest names in concentrate vaping. They offer incredible function without sacrificing form. Their high-quality, polished vapes are attractive and dependable. Though there is a variety of vape pens to choose from one of the best, for beginners and concentrate veterans alike, is the K-Stick.

The K-Stick

K-stick packagingThe K-Stick is a dab vape that specializes in wax concentrates. Wax concentrates are a potent and pure form of dabbing material. They are several times more powerful than their equivalent weight in dry herb. This means that you need far less material, making it easier to carry, and less time to feel the active effects of your dabs. On top of this, concentrate is great to use on the go, wax is easy to transport and offers a potent high, much stronger than its equivalent amount of dry herb. The K-Stick is a hyper mobile vaporizer. It is a slim, sleek, and light piece of equipment that lets you enjoy your wax concentrates wherever you are. To ensure you get the best possible vaping experience on the go the K-Stick has a single pancake-style coil. This heating system is incredibly compact and powerful. It can reach the high temperatures you need to vaporize dabbing concentrates rapidly, giving you a pure, tasty vape with no burning or chemical tastes. The K-Stick is a USB rechargeable vape. You'll be able to recharge your K-Stick at any outlet, you can always depend on it.

Why Use a Concentrate Vape?

The main way to use concentrates is to use a specialized piece of equipment called a dabbing rig. This is the umbrella term for a kit consisting of a bubbler water pipe and a nail.

The nail is a specialized piece of equipment made of quartz glass or titanium. A butane torch is used to heat the nail to red-hot temperatures. At these temperatures any dab that lands on your concentrate is vaporized instantly.

The main downside of these rigs is that they're super-cumbersome, and you won't have much joy carrying them about. That's where the portability and quality of a dabbing vaporizer comes in.