The Kannastor GR8TR V2 Grinder Review

Kannastor has introduced GR8TR V2, which is an updated version of its highly popular GR8TR solid body herbal grinder. The GR8TR V2 features breakthrough technology and modular design which offers everything you could possibly want to master your grind.

There are very good reasons why it has been described as one of the most advanced grinders in the world. It not only takes herb grinding to an entirely new level but will become your lifelong grinding partner.

This device offers more modularity than you could ever dream of and is so much more than the average grinder.

It comes with both vape and standard easy to change grinder plates, easy to change mesh stainless steel screen, and bonus storage that makes this the ultimate herb grinder out there.

Kannastor GR8TR Grinder

When the V2 GR8TR was designed by Kannastor, not only were they interested in creating the right size of grinder, but they also focused on how to maximize the quality and consistency of the grind.

Made out of anodized food-grade aluminum, along with a contoured smooth-surface, 8 distinct pieces, easy collection, plastic tool to use for scraping and storage chamber on the bottom lid, the attention to detail on the device is amazing. The grinder measure 2.2 inches in diameter by 3.5 inches in height.

Build it Your Own Way

Kannastor GR8TR Grinder Pieces I EDIT uk

The body's modular design may be assembled and configured in several different ways which includes interchangeable plates and mesh screens to customize the grind's consistency to whatever your personal preference is.

To maximize storage efficiency, one plate can be stored in the grinder's lid or it can be converted into a three-piece more compact device by taking the sifting chamber.

If you want to grind on the go, you can remove the bottom and top sections so that it is turned into a small storage puck.

You can also completely remove the pollen clear chamber so that the deice is more portable and compact. There is absolutely no other grinder available in the marketplace where one device provides this level of versatile configurations.

The Solid Body GR8TR V2 comes with medium and fine size grater plates that provide you with a customized grind each and every time.

This hefty sized grinder has a much deeper chamber and less force is used for grinding the dry herb with small particles and a light milled consistency. Its large sized storage compartments are able to hold larger buds and more herb.

Grater Plates GR8TR I Everyonedoesit UK

All of the excellence does come at a higher price than most other grinders. However, at about £60.00 the Solid Body GR8TR V2 is an investment that might not suit everyone's budget.

But if you would like to take your herb grinding's quality to an entirely new level, then making an investment into this high-quality device with outstanding durability and superb craftsmanship is a great option.

Engineered to provide you with the perfect grind with its multiple grinding plates and mesh screen, deep dish grinding chamber, and convenient storage compartments, which can all be customized according to your individual preferences, this highly innovative Kannastor grinder offers a limited lifetime warranty and will become your lifetime friend as well.

If you smoke on a regular basis and enjoy having a quality grinder to use to provide you with the exact kind of grind that you want, then this grinder can meet all your needs and desires and more.