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7 Stunning Bongs Every Stoner Wants to Own

Posted by Adam Cazes on

7 Stunning Bongs Every Stoner Wants to Own

People come into the bong scene looking for a smoother, cooler way to enjoy their herb but before long they catch the bug. They become obsessed with the aesthetics of their bongs, the quality of the glass, and before long they end up with a burgeoning collection of glass taking pride of place in their living room. We understand, we don’t stock a huge collection of gorgeous glass for nothing.

We’ve compiled a list of our most beautiful bongs that any aficionado would be happy to own, how desperate are you to own these?

Custom 5mm Futurism Bong From EHLE


This beautiful custom glass bong form from EHLE certainly lives up to its name. A straight tube with a bet neck and a unique icehole rather than the traditional notches seen in other bongs revolutionising the previous tradition of how to use ice to cool smoke.

The aesthetics certainly aren’t lacking on this piece. The flame polished logo lends a striking point of interest to the curved neck. The curved neck means the mouthpiece that lets you use the mouthpiece with ease.


Custom Icemaster 5mm Ziggy Bong From Roor



Roor are renown in the UK bong scene for a reason, their glassware are among the most beautiful you can get. The Ziggy Icemaster is no exception to their standards. Built from high quality borosilicate glass it is a high quality piece that won't let you down.


The unique Rasta mouthpiece with a coloured rim sits atop multiple glass bubbles at the top of the tube, giving this piece a distinctive silhouette. The Icemaster already stands out from all others, and that’s before we even mention the flaming Ziggy coloured mid-section, matching Ziggy bowl and, wait for it... matching Ziggy diffuser!

They have even gone as far as to match the colours of the blower’s signature to be the same as the Ziggy colours.


As with all Roor bongs it was hand blown in Germany, so you know that it received the love and attention it deserves.


Roor Tech Cosmo Custom Bong From Roor


When you’re talking about the most beautiful bongs out there you’re going to come back to Roor time and time again. The Roor Cosmo is a stunning piece made in the USA with high quality borosilicate glass. The piece stands a proud 38cm in height but don’t worry, it’s not over-fragile thanks to it’s 5mm thick walls.

The entire piece is elaborately decorated with colourful glass swirls that make this a true collector’s piece. As with all Roor bongs the iconic Roor logo takes pride of place on the front of the main tube. The Cosmo is as functional as it is beautiful and comes equipped with a diffuser downstem that helps to breaking the smoke, increasing the surface area and providing a cool, smooth hit of cleaner smoke.

This beautiful pipe is perfect for everyday use and with it’s gorgeous design you’re going to want to have it in plain view as much as possible!

Custom 5mm Amber Crown Bong From EHLE



If anyone can challenge Roor’s throne on the UK scene it’s going to be EHLE. The exquisite 5mm Amber Crown bears a striking amber-coloured logo and ice notches, and of course the amber mouthpiece from which it draws its name. This piece screams distinction, and no, that isn’t an oxymoron.

EHLE guarantee the best fitting so every component is precision engineered, flawless and won't let you down!

Custom Icemaster 7mm Oasis Bong From Roor



Another Roor! The shock! This is a variation on their popular icemaster bongs, expertly hand blown from the highest quality glass, it guaranties the smoothest, coolest hits every time! This could be one of Roor’s finest creations.

The fetching green logo, ice notches, and green and red Rast mouthpiece are very striking, making this a very special Roor piee.


It is an exemplary example of Roor’s extremely high quality bong-craft. It also has a classy sand-blasted hemp leaf decorating the shaft of the bong on the other side to the logo.

Custom 5mm Melting Snowman Bong From EHLE


EHLE strikes back with their custom Melting Snowman bong! The white palette gives this bong a genuine coolness. The straight tube is capped with a white crown mouthpiece and also features a white crown on the bowl and and matching ice-notches, the bong features a white signature and stylish sandblasted logo.


Custom 5mm Green Piece Bong From EHLE



EHLE close out our list with it’s green and white 5mm custom bong. The elegant straight tube is topped with a white and green crown mouthpiece, another white and green crown sits atop the bowl and of course the ice-notches follow suit hewn from coloured glass. As with all EHLE pieces this bong also features a classy sandblasted logo.