The Convecter Vs. The Ares; Which Vaporizer Is For You And Why?

Vaporizers are rapidly growing to prominence in the UK herb scene. More and more adherents of the UK scene are switching over to the handier, healthier, and more efficient alternative that is the vaporizer.

Since vaporizers use heating elements to evaporate the active ingredients in your herb, This has the advantage of avoiding the release of toxins and carcinogens associated with combustion.

At the same time the vaporization process uses all of your herb, none of it is lost to combustion, so you get more bang for your buck.

Of course there’s also vaporizers specifically designed for use with concentrates; more potent and processed herb product that requires specialised equipment to enjoy to its fullest.

With this in mind, it’s no wonder vaporizers are becoming so incredibly popular. However time and time again we run into the same concerns among those looking to make the jump over; ‘what is the right vape for me?’

This is why we started this ongoing series in which we compare and contrast two fantastic quality vaporizers so you can see what is on the market, the features they hold, what these features do, and of course; what may suit you best.

The Convector Aromatic Herb Vaporizer From EDIT

Converter Vaporizer EveryoneDoesIT

We here at do more than purvey the finest bongs, pipe, and of course vaporizers on the planet. We also have our own range of fantastic and high quality products! One of these is the ingenious personal vaporizer; The Convector.

The Convector is a crafty portable vape that allows you to enjoy high quality vapor at a reasonable price.

The discreet rubberized black body helps insulate the unit effectively, keeping the inside of the vape hot while ensuring the outside is comfortable to hold.

The Convector features a patented Hi Flow system that ensures you get the fullest, tastiest hits from your vape every time.

It has a fast heating system so you won't have to endure a lengthy wait before you can take your first puff.

The Converter is an eminently versatile unit. Thanks to its interchangeable tank it can use both waxes and oils!

Making it one of the most adaptable wax vaporizers on the market. The unit boasts an impressive battery life and should it run down it is easily chargeable with a micro USB charger!

The Ares Honey Straw From Linx

Ares Honey Straw Concentrate Vaporizer

From vape veterans, Linx, The Ares Honey Straw is a fantastic way to enjoy your dry herb concentrate. It is in essence a tiny electronic dabbing rig!

At first glance it may look like an over-designed ballpoint pen, but once you remove the two magnetic caps its true purpose will become clear.

It uses a heating system composed of ceramic rods to achieve temperatures in excess of 1100 degrees. This will vaporize your concentrates the instant they come into contact with it, giving you an instant, full hit.

Its ingenious design means that you won't have to worry about fiddling about with dabbing tools and a tiny nail, you simply place the Ares over your material and take a hit. Pure flavour and a great hit every time!

The Ares isn’t as portable as other vaporizes, it requires a certain amount of set up before you can use it, and that’s fine, not everyone wants to take surreptitious hits from their vapes, some people like the ritual of setting up a session.

What ever tickles your fancy you can be sure that only stock the finest vaporizers and sells them at the very best prices. For a broader range of vapes and vape accessories check out our UK webstore!