Why You Should Be Thinking About Your Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are a practically ubiquitous part of the UK herb scene. Hand rolled joints and cigarettes go back centuries, in fact they even pre-date paper with some civilizations using broad leaves to make them.

It should come as no surprise that the majority of UK herb fans have experienced herb through a joint or blunt, and it's probably safe to say that the vast majority experienced their first taste of heb from one!

When it comes to actually rolling a joint there is a whole host of different techniques. Many stoners have their own favored method and they take a strange, craftsman-like sense of pride in it.

We’ve all been privy to a heated debate over which joint rolling method is the best, which skins are correct, and how many you should be using.

These discussions can get incredibly heated ( and often get in the way of actually rolling the god forsaken things).

We here at everyonedoesit.co.uk are strictly non partisan and favor no one method above any other.

We just want to give you the facts, so you can come to your own conclusions and roll they way that's best for you with the right papers for you.

So let's have a look at what you might end up rolling with!

Hemp Papers

Paper made from hemp fibers have a long history, hemp paper has been discovered in Ancient Chinese archaeological sites that date as far back as 147BC.

Other examples of hemp paper are recorded to have been produced in the Western Han Dynasty of Imperial China (Paper was Ancient China’s thing).

Build upon this storied history hemp has long stood as one of the most popular materials to construct paper out of.

That is up until the early 20th century when it fell out of favor and was superseded by wood pulp.

Of course you can’t keep a good thing down and hemp is making a massive come back.

Hemp papers from companies such as RAW, Skunk, and Smoking are some of the most popular papers we stock.

Hemp paper is often the healthier and more organic option as it doesn’t use formaldehyde and other industrial chemicals.

Hemp paper also tends to burn somewhat smoother than its wood pulp counterpart, and slower too, allowing you to enjoy your joint at your leisure.

King Size

King Size papers are longer and broader than regular skins. They allow you to make full-sized joints for your sesh with only one skin.

True some people adhere to the three skin method they learned when they first started enjoying herb, but you’re an etabilshed toker. Why would you be parley to such amature tactics?

RAW, Smoking, and Rizla all have a range of high quality King Size smoking papers. When it comes to papers this large you don’t want to have to deal with tears and non-adhesive gum!

Pre Rolled Cones

Some people just aren’t cut out for rolling, it’s ok. Be it lack of practice, lack of dexterity, or lack of will to fiddle with some scraps of paper; some people just can’t use regular papers.

For those people there is an alternative: Pre Rolled Cones. Cones couldn’t be easier to use, all you have to do is pack them with your herb blend and light up!

Simple as that! Our range of pre-rolled cones come in regular, king-size and super sized! We even have the all natural cones form the guys at Raw.

Flavoured Papers

Some people prefer their rolls to be a bit more left of field. They want something that adds to their smoking experience.

For those people we can only recommend flavored rolling papers. Favoured papers come in forms that will suit any pallet. From Bubble gum, to Watermelon and Cherry