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Why buy from us?
  • Ceramic Heating rod
  • Easy to use
  • no loading
  • Huge clouds
  • no inconvenience
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The Ares Honey Straw by Linx is essentially an e-nail crossed with a nectar collector. It is one of the simplest dabbing devices we have found and one of the most effective. It looks like a high end ball point pen, but once you click the two magnetic caps off, the real purpose becomes clear. The ceramic rod heats up to 1100 degrees and will vaporize your concentrates on contact which you inhale through the mouthpiece. No loading, no cleaning it out or dealing with reclaim. Just pure flavor and a great hit every time you hit the fire button. The Linx Ares is one of the best performing portable dabbing devices yet and once you've tried it you will see why.

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