Why Custom Bongs Are Works Of Art

Why Custom Bongs Are Works Of Art

Bongs are among the most popular ways to enjoy herb in the UK. They have and iconic, nearly legendary status in pop culture as a symbol of the herb scene.

While many people appreciate bongs on a purely utilitarian basis, caring only about their use and the cool, clean hits they deliver.

However there is a growing clique of people who appreciate bongs for their design and aesthetics just as much as their use.

This subculture of people build sprawling collections of bongs from all manner of manufacturers; classic, unique, and custom shapes.

Obviously in this scene custom bongs, limited editions, and one-offs are must haves.

We stock a range of fantastic custom bongs that are a joy to behold and even better to use. The customisations can range from aesthetic changes to fully innovative features that change the way you smoke!

To showcase why custom bongs are in such high demand we have collected some of the finest pieces we have in stock.

These pieces are striking, high quality, and ideal for any bong aficionado. If you’re not convinced after this then bongs just aren’t for you!

So without further delay, here is a countdown of some of the finest custom bongs we stock at everyonedoesit.co.uk

Custom 500ML Special Sandblasted Logo Base Bong From EHLE

Custom 500ML Special Sandblasted Logo Base Bong From EHLE

This bong from Ehle is a 500ml capacity cylinder bong and it certainly is something special, the entire foot and base is composed of sandblasted glass and has a brilliant two-tone EHLE logo; truly striking.

The mouthpiece is also sandblasted, the perfect cherry atop the beautiful cake that is this bong. It’s not just a pretty face; it is fully equipped with ice notches so you can be sure that you’ll enjoy cool, smooth hits every time.

Everything on this glass water pipe is made on their home base factory premises; so you can be sure of its quality!

All EHLE glass has been run through a computer-controlled cooling and temper process that ensures that every glass piece they produce is totally stress-free

They guarantee the utmost accuracy in the fitting of all parts and accessories. After running through computer-controlled cool and temper processes, every glass piece is sure to be delivered totally stress-free.

Custom Dealers Cup 7mm Behemoth Bong

Custom Dealers Cup 7mm Behemoth Bong

This bong is a true giant, the Dealers Cup has a wall thickness of 7mm and a tube diameter of 50mm. The large body of this pipe satisfies the demand for more volume, which means that you’ll enjoy a much lower pressure hit.

The three cornerstones of this design includes stability, functionality, and sheer good looks. The high quality glass that was used in this piece, combined with the masterful craftsmanship means that this pipe is stable and amazing quality.

This bong consists of a cylinder with a bi-stable joint, a down tube and a separate lift-off bowl. All Roor glass bongs come complete with a Roor glass gauze.

Custom Little Sista 3.2mm K.I.T.T. Bong

Custom Little Sista 3.2mm K.I.T.T. Bong

The Little Sista is a mainstay of Roor’s amazing line of bongs.The K.I.T.T features a beaker bottom bong with a water volume over four times greater than that of a cylinder type Roor Bong.

It’s equipped with a 18.8mm ground joint, this unique and fantastic glass piece comes with a removable downstem and ice notches for a cool, icy hit.

The piece is composed of high quality borosilicate glass that is both non-reactive; allowing for a tasty, taint-free hit, and it’s also resistant to thermal shock.