Big Bong | 10 Bongs That Won't Break

As Big Ben gives its final bong for the next four years, we decided to reflect on ten bongs we know that won't be breaking any time soon!

While we live in a world of iPhones and smart glasses, it was always nice to know Ben was there, having a bong every other hour.

A staple of the London skyline and tourist walks alike, we dedicate this blog of big bongs to you, Ben.

Water Bong Super Chunky from Bushmaster

Bushmaster have a reputation for producing everything from the weird and magical to the solid and stable.

This glass piece is an example of the later, with 4mm thick walls that won't be cracking anytime soon! A basic bong yes, but a foundation of any good collection is a sturdy reliable one without frills or fuss.

Don't think this means it's a boring piece! Quite the opposite, this Super Chunky is a whopping 45mm tall making it a beast of a bong.

Thanks to 4 ice notches up and down the side, you'll be enjoying ice cold vapour after it's made its long decent up the body. This is one bong that will be standing the tests of time, and leaving your wallet happy!

Ice Ice Baby from Chongz

Another cool-to-the-touch bong, this glass piece will be ready to go in seconds! Delivering cool hits every time, the reviews have come back and they're fire hot baby!

At 37.5mm in height, it rivals many other pieces, making it one of the taller ones on our site. Thanks to a split diffuser stem the smoke is forced to mix with the bubbles created, making a larger surface area. The Ice Ice Baby promises cool, smooth hits, and it doesn't disappoint.

Another budget friendly piece, this one is not one to be ignored. Chongz are known for creating wallet friendly pieces, and this is one of the best around!

Ice Ice Baby Bong EDIT UK

12 Inch Silicone Unbreakable Bong from EDIT

Now when we said this was a list of unbreakable bongs, we meant it! This silicone masterpiece is a beauty, coming in at 12 inches tall. Between the silicone and a suction cupped base, you'll be struggling to break this even if you tried! This makes this piece extremely suitable for people on the go, or people like myself who are known for knocking things over...

Don't let the silicone distract you though, this is still a quality piece for people who love smooth vapour. With a downstem a third the size of the bong and an 18mm female joint you will be able to enjoy the same top quality sessions as with normal bongs! It also carries an ice notch for extra cooling, if that's what you're into.

This piece comes from our own EDIT collection! With years of selling bongs beneath our belts, we know what makes a quality piece and we set out to make the best for our customers.

12 Inch Silicone Bong EDIT UK

Double Drum Perc from Grace Glass

Grace Glass have shown time and time again that they bring quality and style to the table, and this Double Drum Perc Bong is just another example of that fact! Borosilicate glass comes together with an ingenious design to help create delicious flavorful smoke.

The gem in this crown is the dual shower head percolators right in the centre of this strong glass tube. Despite being small, they pack a punch! Working together to push the particles apart in the smoke, you always get a clean and pure hit with this tall piece.

If that isn't enough for you, make sure to keep an eye out for the ice notches for some added chill! There's nothing like some filtered, ice cold vapour straight out of a perfect bong.

Double Drum Perc Bong EDIT UK

Drum Perc Bong from Grace Glass

So great we mentioned them twice! Another Grace Glass bong, with different features and a slightly higher price tag but the same top quality workmanship as ever, this piece is a tall beauty. This giant bong is a statement in itself on why Grace Glass are so popular!

This bong boasts a drum perc right in the centre, which means any smoke that passes through the slitted downstem diffuser is made to be broken up again by the percolator. With added dispersion and a larger surface area to go by, this means your hits will be pure and cool.

Alongside this monster of a perc are a splash guard and an ice notch, to help make your sessions extra chill! Get ready for some unbeatable hits with this unbreakable bong.

Drum Perc Bong EDIT UK

14 Inch Silibong from Trailer Park Boys

If you're looking for something a bit more... next level... then these are the lads for you. Trailer Park Boys have an entire collection of bits and pieces available on the site, but this is the best of the bunch in my eyes (though the Kitty Bong is right up there).

The Silibong is another silicone based unbreakable bong, and this one means business. Standing at a huge 14 inches, videos have come up online of people breaking plates with them, throwing them across rooms, and even biting them to no avail!

The 5mm walls are can't be touched in terms of strength, but are delightfully soft to the touch in real life!

With a diffuser and a removable ice guard you'll be enjoying getting blazed just like the lads in no time, and with a lifetime guarantee you'll be comfortable in the knowledge that even in the most bizarre circumstances we have your back.

14 Inch Silibong EDIT UK

16 Inch Beaker Bong from Grav Labs

Borosilicate glass is an industry benchmark for high-quality, and a material synonymous with top shelf bongs. Grav Labs are no different, bringing their A Game every time! 16 inches tall, it towers over the competition and makes an excellent addition to any collection.

With a diffused downstem to help push the particles even further around, the distance travelled by the smoke means an even cooler hit when it finally arrives! An additional ice notch creates extra chill, working its magic on the vapour that gives it a pure, crisp taste.

Grav Labs create their glassware straight out of Texas in the USA, and they pride themselves on blowing glass pieces that will last you a lifetime!

16 Inch Beaker EDIT UK

Little Sista 5mm from Roor

At over 13 inches tall, this bong is less "your little sister" and more "your little sister that came back from summer camp and is worryingly close to the same height as you".

Made up of a classic straight mouthpiece style bong, it comes with the standard bistable joint. This is the main feature that helps make this Little Sista unbreakable, the ground notch has 40% more glass which helps lower the centre of gravity and make it less likely to fall over!

Roor are an industry legend for quality bongs, and are the equivalent of a household name for stoners! Their pieces are renowned for lasting years and bringing quality hits consistently, which is why any Roor bong is worth a place on your shelf.

Little Sista 5mm EDIT UK

Meniscus Bong from Roor

Another top quality piece of glassware from our friends over at Roor! Equal in height to the Little Sista above, this majestic beast stands over 13 inches tall with 5mm thick borosilicate glass for extra durability.

The Meniscus bong is named as such thanks to the meniscus percolator located close to the mouthpiece of this device, making sure to help your smoke be as delicious as possible!

By increasing the surface area of the smoke, this bong forces it to circulate further and then disperse the particles even more. This perc doubles too as an extra defence against carcinogens.

Roor is dedicated to bringing people anything from classic to crazy bongs, but every bong they produce is a piece of glassware they can be proud of. If it doesn't have the Roor name on it, it isn't really Roor!

Meniscus Bong EDIT UK

Zombie Marley Perc Bong from Headdies

If you dare to look upon it, don't be surprised if it pulls you in! This Zombie Marley Perc Bong is delightfully spooky, and more than just a scary face.

At 35cm tall it's another monster bong, and the 4mm thick scientific glass helps with keeping it durable.

This bong is scary enough without shards of glass everywhere! Dubbed the "bentley of bongs", it comes equipped with a semi submerged birdcage percolator with helps filtrate the smoke as it rises.

This zombie should be the only thing scaring you while you use it, so be comfortable in the knowledge that it'll cleans most impurities right out!

The only one goings "Braaaaiiinnns" after one hit off this beauty will be you, wondering where your mind has gone after getting sky high!

Zombie Marley Bong EDIT UK