Ice Ice Baby Glass Bong

Vendor: Chongz

Title: Ice Ice Baby Glass Bong | Chongz

Ice Ice Baby Glass Bong | Chongz

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Chongz - Ice Ice Baby Glass Bong

Another slick glass bong from the budget priced glass manufacturers Chongz. This ice bong is truly great for those looking for the cool effect.

Standing at a tall 37.5cms in height, this large ice bong comes with a slit diffuser stem. This diffuser forces the smoke to interact with the bubbles created. This allow the surface area to increase and thus gives the user a cooler and smoother hit.

Chongz complete this glass beaker bong with a female 18.8mm joint size, male 14.5mm bowl and finally ice notches. These ice notches allow the user to place ice down into the pipe to create a more significantly cool hit.

Designed in a bright white colour, this icy glass bong complete with the chongz logo on the mouthpiece.

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Ice Ice Baby Glass Bong | Chongz