G Pen Pro Vaporizer Review - Grenco's Newest Innovation

Today we're going to be talking about the brand new G Pen Pro portable dry herb vaporizer that has arrived in the UK, which is manufactured by Grenco Science (makers of the G Pen Elite) and will be replacing the G Pro vaporizer.

The G Pen Pro is a very high quality and low-cost vaporizer for dry herbs only that will surely take the UK by storm.

The G Pen Pro provides solid performance and features a ceramic heating chamber with variable temperature controls.

We will discuss the design, features and performance of this new vape from Grenco Science. Overall the G Pen Pro is a great option for a first time vaporizer purchase as it is very discrete, simple to use and it works well.

Overal impressions

The G Pen Pro is packaged similar to the G Pen Elite which is a cylindrical black tube, from which you pull out a double sided foam insert that contains the vaporizer, accessories and instruction manual.

The G Pen Pro is very small, maybe just over half the size of the G Pen Elite. The unit features a very elegant and stealthy design making it extremely portable and discrete.

The classic Grenco G logo is displayed on the front and with single button operation and variable temperature settings, the G Pen Pro offers a lot of great features and ergonomics in the design for under £100 price tag.

The unit has a micro-USB charger on the bottom for easy charting. The battery featured in the G Pen pro is a 1300mAH rechargeable Li-Ion battery.

Working your way up from the bottom of the unit you have LED indicators for temperature and battery display. The food-grade black silione mothpiece on the top of the G Pen Pro fits snugly over top of a ceramic heating chamber for your dry herbs.

The overall style, texture and design of this vaporizer are very high end and with a ceramic heating chamber that adds massively to the flavor this is a very good value vape! The G Pen Pro is slim and fits easily in to any pocket and is ideal for portable use.

As mentioned the G Pen Pro features a ceramic heating chamber, which is excellent for flavor and purity versus the G Pro vaporizer which had a stainless steel heating chamber.

I'd say that is probably the most important upgrade between the two units. The G Pen Pro chamber has a 0.25 gram capacity for dry herbs.

This is a perfect size as you need to pack the chamber full, this will conserve your materials. It's important to remember that the G Pen Pro along with the G Pen Elite and the G Pro, that these are conduction vaporizers, so that means that you need to pack the chamber completely full with ground material.

Having the smaller chamber size means you will need to use less material at a given time in order to get the best performance from the vaporizer, this is a huge benefit versus the 0.75 gram chamber on the G Pen Elite.

For these two reasons, the material and the chamber size, I already prefer the G Pen Pro in comparison with either of the other two. The biggest factor though is going to be the performance and how it compares.

How to use the G Pen Pro

To use the G Pen Pro you will need to start with a grinder. Make sure you have medium to finely ground material that should be packed in to the ceramic heating chamber all the way up to the top!

The black silicone mouthpiece will then sit tightly over the chamber when you put it back on. There's also a little screen in the mouthpiece I recommend changing or cleaning on a regular basis so performance does not degrade.

One you have the vape fully packed you can turn it on by pressing the power button 5 times quickly When the G Pen Pro turns on you will see a series of three LED's that will display the set temperature.

You can choose from either Blue (375F), Green (400F) or Red (428F) by holding the power button down until you see the lights change color.

While the unit is heating the lights will flash together in synchronicity. When the set temperature is reached the lights will become solid and you're ready to vape!

Quick note here and a really cool feature is that one the unit has reached the set temperature, with the lights solid on the display, the number of active lights represents the remaining battery life in the G Pen Pro.

So that's really unique use of the same series of lights to also perform the function of a battery indicator, very smart!

Once you've reached set temperature and the lights are solid on the display, you are ready to go. The G Pen Elite will work best with light puffs or long, slow draws.

The amount of vapor that you get from the G Pen pro will depend on how you pack the chamber, what temperature you're using and the material itself. You should experience great flavor at all temperature levels with this vaporizer.

The unit offers great vapor production and good performance with excellent flavor again for a very good price.

You can continue to draw from the vaporizer until the chamber is done. The G Pen Elite demonstrated excellent even vaping of the material in the chamber and offered a great session with good performance.

How does the G Pen Pro compare with the G Pen Elite

Lets look a little how the G Pen Pro compares with the Elite. First of all the main difference I would say between the two units is the digital temperature display on the G Pen Elite.

The digital temp controls allow you to adjust the temperature within a wide range very accurately. This make for a little more intimate experience in comparison with the G Pen Pro which has only three temperature settings.

Other differences are the substantial size of the Elite chamber at 0.75 grams which in my opinion is too large as the unit requires a full packing to work properly.

The G Pen Pro as mentioned has a 0.25 gram chamber which makes much more efficient use of your herbs and ideal for smaller sessions.

The size as well is something to note. I'd point out that the P Pen Elite is about twice the width of the G Pen Pro, although the G Pen Pro actually feels heavier to me with the metal housing on the outside.

Between the two units, if I was not too concerned about digital temperature controls and I am not for a unit at this price, I would definitely go for the G Pen Pro over the Elite because its cheaper, works better and offers better flavor, has a smaller chamber and is more discrete and portable in comparison with the G Pen Elite.

The G Pen Pro is a very good vaporizer that's at the lower and of the price spectrum and is in my opinion the best choice for a first time vaporizer user.

The G Pen Pro is small, very portable and discrete and it offers excellent performance along with a ceramic heating chamber, something you see on much more expensive vaporizers like the Davinci IQ.

The G Pen Pro offers a range of three temperatures to choose from with single button operation. The overall design of this vaporizer, similar to the G Pro and G Pen Elite is very slick with an all black finish on the unit and the mouthpiece.

So if you're looking for great value in a small and compact portable I highly suggest looking at the G Pen Pro. Thanks for tuning in for today's post! EveryBodyDoesIt.