Double Drum Perc Bong

Vendor: Grace Glass

Title: Green - Double Drum Bong - G1687

Green - Double Drum Bong - G1687

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Grace Glass - Double Drum Perc Bong.

Another new release from the devoted Grace Glass team, this tall double percolator glass bong shows the unwavering high standard that the glassblowers have set on glass quality and functionality.

This huge glass bong comes equipped with two small showerhead percolators in the middle of the glass tube. Though small in size these percs are highly effective and considerably enhance the users hit. This great end result is an effect of the percolators working in tandem to break up the smoke particles for a filtered and fresh hit.

The team at Grace Glass complete this awesome glass bong with a 18.8mm bowl, a slitted splash guard and also ice notches that allow the user to insert some cubes for that extra chilled effect.

This great double showerhead bong is finished off complementing coloured accents on the mouthpiece, bowl and base. Finally Grace Glass place their iconic black printed logo towards the top end of the top.

Available in Amber, Green and Blue. See dropdown for info.

Additional Information

Green - Double Drum Bong - G1687, Amber, Blue