Why Some Vaporizers Have Glass Pathways

There are loads of reasons why vaporizers utilize glass pathways and one of the reasons is because of the superior vaping experience that you’ll be receiving.

Once you own your first piece of glass you’ll no longer have to contend with buzzes that fail to meet the standards that you’ve set for yourself.

Another one of the reasons why vaporizers have all glass pathways is because glass acts to purify your herbs to the perfect consistency.

The glass that is inside these vaporizers ensures that you will get the ultimate stoner experience that all true stoners aspire to achieve.

Glass also ensures that any nasty toxins or carcinogens are fully eliminated from your herbs when you take a draw from your device.

There is nothing worse having a vaping session and then suffering nasty after effects like coughing and spluttering because your vapour isn't up to the requisite standard.

But when you start using good quality vaporizers with good quality glass pathways you’ll begin to see an enormous difference to your overall well-being.

Below I’ve assembled a list of the numerous reasons why vaporizers use glass pathways.

Some of the reasons may surprise you and some others are more obvious but one thing is for sure if you’re a herbal lover you need to get your hands on a vaporizer with a glass pathway.

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Why Use Glass Pathways

From all of the different materials that I’ve tried out when vaping I’ve found that glass pathways most definitely result in a superior vape and as I’ve previously mentioned the health benefits that these types of pathways afford users is incredible.

You’ll no longer have to contend with nasty caustic like smoke entering into your lungs but because of glass your vaping experience will be taken to an entirely new level of purity.

From my experience, I’ve found that the vapes have been so utterly delicious that I could hardly believe what was happening to me.

There was a couple of times I literally had to pinch myself as I tried to determine whether the hit I was after receiving was real or not.

Perhaps you might think I’ve exaggerating, but the only advice I can give you is to try glass-pathways for yourself and see the difference that they make.

Of course, like many people, I’ve tried other pathways such as plastic and metallic and to be quite honest I’ve found the taste to be quite disgusting.

For example, with plastic the vapour that is produced has a tendency to stick to the plastic and this leads to a very nasty after-taste as soon as you take a drag.

And over time, when using plastic, the more herb that sticks to your plastic the nastier the taste will be.

Your only option when using plastic is to continually clean the plastic on a regular basis as this will ensure that the taste isn't as awful as it can sometimes be.

Similarly, I’ve found that vapor also sticks to metallic and this also creates a horrible taste when taking a draw from the vape.

Another issue with using metallic substances is that the grime that sticks to the material is very hard to remove.

On many an occasion, I found that I had to soak the metallic in hot water and then scrub it continually before getting rid of all of that dirty grime.

But with glass pathways you won't have to contend with these issues as grime doesn't usually congregate and if it does its easily removed.

All it will take is a quick wipe and your glass pathway should be like brand new read and willing to give you the herbal elevation that need.

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Another huge benefit of using glass pathways is that there is far less resistance when taking a draw.

Unlike with other materials when you take a draw with glass you won't have to draw like you’re trying to suck a golf ball through a hosepipe.

Glass ensures that you’ll have the easiest access possible to all your herbs. Each draw that you take will be sure to provide that instantaneous hit that we all aspire to achieve.

No longer will you have to be waiting around all day and turning into a bag of bones as you await that precious hit you’ll now be able to receive your hit with the simple click of a button.

From my experience, I know how irritating It can be when you want a drag of your herbs and then you have to wait nearly a minute before you can get your fix. A fix is a fix and when you want to receive it you want it now!


So, should you purchase a vaporizer that uses an all glass pathway? The answer this question is, yes, yes, and yes again. If you want to receive the purest and most delicious and flavourful hit imaginable well then glass is the only way to go.

You literally will be blown away by the difference that will be made to your vaping experience. You’ll no longer have to contend with any of the nasty after-tastes that can be associated some of the other materials that can be found inside vaporizers.

Gone will be the days where you’ll find your vaping pathway covered in grime and all sorts of other nasty substances.

You’ll also be able to avail of the myriad of health benefits that glass gives to users. You’ll soon find that your lungs will be far fresher and healthier because of the reduction in toxins that will be going into them.

These new health benefits will have you revitalized and ready for whatever troubles that life throws at you.

The benefits of using glass pathways are numerous and the only way to truly find out why they are so good is to purchase a vaporizer with a good strong glass pathway. The simple fact is, that once you go glass you’ll never go back.