Why Should You Buy A G-Spot Bong?

Good glass isn’t in short supply these days, but G-Spot bongs stand apart even from the over-abundance of quality the UK bong scene is enjoying these days.

How do you find out what’s right for you in this market saturated with high quality bongs. The only way is to meticulously analyse each and every company’s products and compare and contrast them. Off you go, you’d better get started.

Ok, we can’t in good conscience force you to undertake a research project like that, so we’ve done all the hard work for you. We are creating a series of features on the very best bong and glass companies we stock. This week we’re looking at G-Spot Bongs, a fine German Glass company!

G-Spot have been producing some of the most impressive glass bongs and pipes since way back in 2001. Every single glass piece they made has been meticulously produced by hand and is composed of only the finest borosilicate glass.

G-Spot manufacture all of their products from their home facility based in Wertheim in Germany. One of the factors that helps them stand head and shoulders above their competitors is their design, development, and construction of the innovative solid Tank Joint.

The solid tank joint is the solution to the age old problem of fragile joints. For decades bong users had to contend with the disaster that was joints snapping at the weakest point.

G-Spots solid tank joint was a revolution when it hit the scene. It was build using a grinding technique on the inside of the piece and then slowly covered in layers of thick glass that re enforces the joint against massive pressure and sudden strikes.

The qualities of borosilicate glass also ensures that your joint is resistant to thermal shock

notorious for snapping and breaking at the joint as this was the weakest part on the functional glass.

The Solid Tank Joint changed the game once it was released and was constructed using a grinding technique on the inside of the piece and then covered in layers of thick glass which was designed to withstand significant pressure even the toughest strikes.

Peerless Bongs

G-Spot have two key features that they hold above all else, the first is the beauty and aesthetics of their pieces, and the second is the sheer strength and functionality of their pieces.

This makes them one of the most popular glass companies on the market. G-Spot have a huge range of fantastic bongs and there is bound to be something for everyone!

From pipes to bongs G-Spot guarantee high quality products that won't let you down. Their bongs have expertly blown glass features that are as much of a joy to behold as they are to use! Their pipes are held to the exact same standard.

The quality of their bongs can be clearly seen in the Ringball Bubble Ice Bong. This bong is a slight variation on their normal bong it has a globular water reservoir much like a beaker bong.

The Aboriginal bong is a striking and unusual bond that would be a fantastic centerpiece to any collection. The wave bubble bong is a more compact option from the G-Spot line

Amazing Pipes

G-Spot hand pipes are eminently stylish and functional, they feature amazing designs and have become renown for their robustness and durable construction.

The orange blitz glass pipe is made from high quality borosilicate glass that will stand up well to thermal shock. The blue glass spoon is a more understated variant, and for those of you who want something a bit more striking check out the twisted green glass hand pipe.

It’s twist effect not only adds to its use but also looks fantastic! The craftmanship of G-Spot glass is clear to see.

If G-Spot suit your tastes then head over to out UK web store to pick a piece up! If they don’t tickler your fancy then have a look at our broader range of bongs and pipes!