Why Do Portable Vapes Have Bluetooth?

Portable vaporizers are marvels of modern technology using miniaturised heating systems to efficiently evaporate the active ingredients inside of your dry herb.

The manipulation of the boiling points of the active ingredients in your dry herb has long been a feature of desktop vaporizers. They have precise controls that can be adjusted down to a tiny degree.

Unfortunately portable vaporizers simply don’t have the room for complex controls, so many use pre set temperatures to let you customise your vaping experience.

It is simply a fact of engineering that the vast majority of portable vapes cannot hold complicated temperature controls and remain simple and convenient to carry and use.

Smartphone App

However some clever manufacturers had a fantastic idea; if you can’t fit the controls on the the actual vape, then why don’t you put them onto another device.

The engineers put the more complicated controls onto a device that everyone carries around any way, the put it on a smartphone app!


Dozens of high quality vaporizers come with bluetooth connectivity that will allow you to hook it up to an app and control your temperature to an incredibly precise degree!

With some models you can set a ‘vape path’ that will allow you to set a range of setting for your vape to cycle through during your sesh.

Why would you want to control your temperature settings, well there’s two reasons. The first is that you can affect the thickness of the vapor you enjoy during your sesh; the higher the temperature the thicker your vapor and the lower the thinner it is.

The second reason is that you can control exactly the type of effects you feel when you enjoy your herb.

Vape Temperature

Most vapes work by manipulating the boiling points of the various ingredients of your dry herb. Usually these fall within the 157 - 220°C range.

Most of the main herb ingredients have a variety boiling points so the different temperatures in this range can produce very different results.

Usually it can be expected that lower temperatures will have more of a heady effect while you’ll feel the effects of higher temperatures as a kind of body high. Very high temperatures can result in combustion, so be careful of that!

Here are a few of the active ingredients in herb:

THC - 157 °C.

The most well known herb ingredient. It has both euphoric and analgesic effects, inducing a pleasant sense of relaxation.

CBD :160 - 180 °C

Well know and popular amoung medical users for its medicinal applications. It also counters the effects of THC, effectively suppressing feelings of anxiety and paranoia.

Delta-8-THC :175 – 178 °C.

This cannabinoid is very similar to THC, but it is more stable and somewhat less psychoactive. It also has anti-vomiting properties making it fantastic for medicinal uses.

CBN : 185 °C.

A chemical compound with a sedative effect.

There are a variety of vaporizers with bluetooth connectivity, here are some of the best.

Portable Vaporizers with Bluetooth Compatibility

The DaVinci IQ

DaVinci IQ Vaporizer | EDIT UK

It would make sense that a vape called IQ, and made by a company that name themselves after and inventor would be packed to the gills with advanced technology. Naturally it has bluetooth connectivity!

Out of the box the IQ allows you to select four preset temperatures that conform to the automatic Smart Path that ensures that your dry herb is heated in the best possible way with the most efficiency.

When you connect your IQ to the Apple or Android compatible app you gain access to an unprecedented level of control, log your usage data and see other important notifications about your device.

The Pax 3

Pax 3 Vaporizer | EDIT UK

The Pax 3 is a high quality portable vape that’s ideal for both those new to the vape scene and those who are experienced with vaporizers and those who are just starting out. It is a dual use vape that can use herb and oils alike, so you can vary your vape experience greatly. It has a heat up time of only fifteen seconds and as standard comes with four heating settings.


If you want more control then you can hook it up to its companion smartphone app for a massive level of control over your vape experience.