Vaporizers For The Rich Herb Fan

There are thousands upon thousands of herb fans across the UK. They could be vaporizer fans, dabbing aficionados, bong enthusiasts, or even hand-rolled joint lovers. They’re all united by their love of dry herb, no matter the way they enjoy it.

No matter what your favored method of enjoying herb is there is little doubt that there’s something on the market that you look at longingly.

Whether it’s a high end vape, a premium piece of glassware, or even some high quality papers (don’t dismiss it, try to roll a joint with cheap paper and then come back to us).

So, if you suddenly found yourself subject to a windfall of wealth what would you spend your money on? If you’re going to indulge in rich people herb, why not indulge in a rich person’s herb consumption method?

It’s nice to dream sometimes, so we here at have compiled the finest pieces in our collections that any rich herb fan would be happy to have in their slightly musty smelling mansion.

So without further adieu; the finest herb pieces for the very richest of herb fans!

Herbalizer 2.0

The Herbalizer Vape

The Herbalizer 2.0 is a high tech desktop vaporizer is the last word in luxury vaping experiences. It creates thick, tasty and potent vapor in record times thanks to its fast-acting internal processor.

To ensure that your entire vape session is perfect from start to finish it intelligently maintain the vaping temperature with no fluctuations from start to finish, no matter how fast you draw air through it.

It’s interesting clamshell design houses an array of easy to use controls that includes an LCD touch screen that clearly displays the internal temperature of the unit and a whole host of safety features. You can easily and precisely control your vape experience.

The Herbalizer can be used with either a whip or a balloon bag system, so you can have it the way that’s right for you.
This is a spectacular vape that bring the vaporization experience to a whole new level. If you should suddenly find yourself flush with cash then you’d be a fool not to get this fantastic desktop vape!

The Vapor XL From Roor

Roor Vaporizer XL

The Roor Vapor XL isn’t so much a vaporizer as it is a work of art, an example of beautiful gas work, and an amazing example of vaporization technology. The Vapor XL is a handmade vaporizer made out of 3.3mm borosilicate glass created by some of the world’s finest glass blowers.

The XL uses the patented Roor Vapor Body to vaporize your dry herb which is then filtered through the integrated diffuser. The XL gives you continuously adjustable temperature controls so you can customse your vape experience to suit your personal tastes.

The high quality glass used by Roor is non-reactive so your hits won't be tainted by any nasty chemical aftertaste. It is hygienic, very easy to clean, and thermal shock resistant.

This is the Lamborghini of vaporizers, the ferrari of enjoying dry herb. If you can somehow manage to scrape together the necessary cutter for this amazing piece then you would be doing yourself a massive favor by purchasing this amazing piece.

The Volcano From Storz & Bickle

Volcano Vape

The Volcano is the pinnacle of vape technology. If you haven’t heard of the Volcano then you must be new to the vape scene.

The Volcano works with patented technology that completely purges toxins, contaminants, and other harmful side products of the vape process.

This filtering process also increases the potency of the vapor and the concentration of the vaporized active ingredients by up to 75%.

The Volcano uses its unique and distinctive unit design to circulate air around. This slowly gathers and builds up into a fantastic, tasty vapor.

The Volcano is a must for anyone who enjoys vaping. If you can afford it get one, get two, fill your entire house up with these amazing pieces! You cannot go wrong with the Volcano!