Why Are Good Vaporizers So Expensive?

Why is the Mona Lisa priceless? How can you quantify the price of something so exquisite? The simple fact is if you want real quality you’re going to have to open up that wallet and you’re going to have pay the big bucks.

A top vaporizer will give you hits with the same proficiency as a fully automatic rifle. Just pull the trigger and you’ll be on the receiving end of some forceful stoner nirvana that will live long in the memory.

Another reason why vaporizers are so expensive is because they come jammed back full of the latest technological advances. Many of the top vapes these days are equipped with the same technology that first sent man to the moon.

If you get your hands on an elite level vape you can be sure that it will have some NASA inspired technology that will be guaranteed to blow you all of your previous vaping experiences out of the water.

Hell, there are so many reasons why vaporizers are so expensive that I would have to spend all month listing them.

Vaporizers are the new iPhones

As everyone knows iPhones don’t come cheap, and there is a reason for this, namely being that they have all of the latest gadgets and apps incorporated into them.

In a similar vein, vaporizers are becoming like iPhones not only do vapes have all of the latest tech advances but they look so stylish that they’re becoming like the must have accessory of the century.

The fact of the matter is you don’t see people using phones that were made in the 60’s that look like suitcases and with a three-foot aerial these devices have become like a thing of the past!

And there is a reason why they have become yesterdays news and that is because they aren't efficient or effective.

When you contrast this with the small convenient and highly efficient manner that iPhones operate at you being to appreciate why these cutting-edge devices have exploded onto the public consciousness.

When it comes to vaporizers nearly the exact same basis for their grown in the popularity is in operation.

Vapes give users the ultimate experience in which they can enjoy their herbs to the maximum level.

And not only can users enjoy their herbs to the maximum level they will do so with the latest and the most unbelievable tech available anywhere on the planet.

Pax 3 Vaporizer EDIT UK

Looking Cool

If you want to look cool it isn't going to come cheap. Vaporizers are fast becoming the must have fashion item of this era.

Everywhere you look people seem to be puffing away on vapes. Not only are people taking these machines for their nutritional benefit they’re using them because they just look so damn cool.

The huge clouds of vapour that are produced has an aura of magnificence that can't be matched with anything.

And then when you factor in how cool the vapes look themselves perhaps you’ll being to appreciate why vaporizers are so expensive.

If you want a real Versace or a Gucci you’re going to have to pay for the privilege of standing out from the crowd.

Of course, you could always go cheap and buy your jacket in Tescos but if you’re intending on looking hip this isn't going to be the way to go.

Similarly, you could always roll up a dirty stinky joint which has ashes scattering all over the place but the fact of the matter is you’re probably going to look like someone straight out of a trailer park.

So if you want to avoid the trailer park look you should most definitely get your hands on a good vaporizer because when it comes to being fashionably nothing matches a top quality vaporizer.


You could be passing the vaporizer onto the next generation like a precious family heirloom. Something to be treasured and looked at with a sense of reverence and awe.

The next generation could be looking at the vaporizer with a sense of pride as they say “Grandpapa got stoned on that vaporizer!” If you can get your hands on an elite vaporizer it has the potential to withstand all that life might throw at it.

Unlike joints that only last a few seconds and are then blow up into the air into oblivion vaporizers are here to stay.

You can use vapes again and again and again and each time they’ll sure to deliver the magic that they always do.

And unlike, for example, if you use bongs to enjoy your materials you’ll never have to worry about a vaporizer smashing into bits if your drop it on the ground.

Obviously, you still won't want to be going around smashing it with a mallet or something, but if you take care of your vape you most certainly will have in possession a machine that could give you a lifetime of bliss.

Expensive means quality

Of course, joints are far cheaper but they won't give you the same overall experience that a vaporizer can give you. You won't be able to control the temperature.

You won't be given the ability to adjust the type of buzz that you’re going to be receiving. And you most certainly won't be receiving any of the much renowned health benefits that vaporizers can give you.

Would you have the ability to control a joint with an app on your phone? Of course, you wouldn't! Vaporizers will allow you to adjust the settings the to whatever suits you.

No longer will you be using joints, that are to be honest a bit of a hit and a miss, you’ll now have every last benefit of vaping at your fingertips.

And you’ll be able to adjust you're vape to the setting that will deliver you your ultimate satisfaction time and time again.

Another feature that never fails to impress me is that some vapes have the ability to automatically adjust their settings so that you can enjoy the maximum and most pleasurable draw imaginable.

Firefly 2 Vaporizer EDIT UK


Another reason why vaporizers are so much more expensive is because of the whole array of health benefits that they can give users.

Once you start using a vape you’ll soon begin to notice massive health improvements that could change your life for the better.

No longer will your lungs be clogged up with nasty carcinogen's but now because of vaporizers your lungs will be receiving nutritional hit after nutritional hit.

It’s a well-known fact that herbs have a whole plethora of health benefits and when your herbs are placed inside a vaporizer these benefits are magnified tenfold.

Who knows maybe if you start vaping you’ll find yourself running a marathon as your lungs and entire body beginning to thank you for the relief from the dirty smoke that your body may have become accustomed to.

The thing is vaporizers aren't healthier for no reason- the manufactures have had to invest lots of money in perfecting technology such as conduction and convection.

Both of these systems act to purify your herbs and remove toxins with each draw you take from you're vape.

How they do this is that these systems remove the dirty substances whilst at the same time ensuring that you get the maximum benefit from your herbs.

Sex Life

Another reason why vaporizers are so expensive is because these precious devices have the capacity to take your sex life to the next level. How is this you may ask?

The reason for this added benefit is that because there will be less toxins entering into your bloodstream this will allow you more energy to satisfy him or her.

Once there are less carcinogens entering into your bloodstream you’ll soon find yourself ready and raring to go.

Your stamina will increase and you’ll no longer be flopping down after a couple of seconds. Vaporizers will allow you to have the staying power of a horse running the grand national, but you’ll still be able to maintain short level sprints if needs be.

What this unforeseen benefit will also result in will be an enhancing of your overall relationship. In many way's a good quality vaporizer could provide the impetus that will make you so much closer to your partner.

Trust me, spend that extra money on the Firefly and the Pax3 and in no time at all you’ll find things heating up underneath the sheets.

Makes the Ideal Gift

A top-quality vaporizer makes the ultimate gift for whatever the occasion may be. Could you imagine rolling up a joint, putting it inside a box with a lovely ribbon on top and giving it to your mother for Christmas?

Of course, you couldn’t! Contrast that last scenario with giving her a sleek, professional and top-class vaporizer that will make her eyes pop out with gratification and delight.

One of the reasons why vaporizers are so expensive is because they provide users with the complete all-round package.

Vapes are multi-functional devices that have the capacity to fit into any situation. A good quality vaporizer is all terrain device that has the capacity to improve health, make the ideal present, and give you a touch of tech genius.

But the fact is, the perfect gift isn't going to come cheap and this is another reason why top vapes cost that little bit extra. If you want the best you must be prepared to pay.

The Level of Perfection on offer

Every last nook and cranny is perfected right down to the last millimeter. These machines aren't just vaporizers that are works of art in themselves that wouldn't look out of the place amongst the artistic greats.

To the esteemed list of Renoirs, Michelangelo, to the Van Gogh's we can now add vaporizers like the Firefly 2 a creation so sublime that you'll be pinching yourself.

The manufactures of vaporizers spend many hours laboring over how they can enhance your vaping experience. Laboring over how to elevate your vaping experience beyond what you might previously have been accustomed to.

Dedicated to taking vaping not only to the next level, but dedicated to blowing the levels apart, dedicated to setting a new barometer of vaping excellence.  

A new barometer where second rate hits become a thing of the past.

DaVinci IQ Vaporizer EDIT UK


As we have already seen there are an abundance of reasons why vaporizers are so expensive and many of the reasons show why it is more than worth your while to pay the extra few dollars.

In many cases if you’re prepared to invest an extra few dollars in purchasing a top-quality device you’ll be handsomely rewarded. For example, if you own a Firefly or a Pax3 you may have on your hands a vaporizer that will last a lifetime.

You’ll be the owner of a vape that will have the capacity to change your life not only when it's comes to taking herbs but will have the capacity to change your entire life in way that could never have even imagined.

In the long term are you really going to be satisfied smoking a dirty joint that stinks out the place and that has ashes scattering all over the place? Of course, you’re not!

That is if you have a brain and I presume if you’ve read this far that you’re a highly intelligent person who has the ability to see the huge benefits that vaping has to offer users.

Overall in finishing all I can say is that I highly recommend that you get out there and that you purchase the vaporizer that you deserve.

You certainly wont be disappointed because usually when it comes to high end vapes you will get what you pay for and more than not you will be getting pure an adulterated quality.