The 4 Most Discreet Concentrate Vapes

The 4 Most Discreet Concentrate Vapes

All sorts of factors help attract people towards the world of portable vaporizers; the convenience, the health benefits, and of course their discrete nature.

Vaporizers can work with a whole range of different materials, from e-cig oils to dry herb, and of course concentrate.

Usually, when you want to enjoy herb concentrates you have to set up an elaborate dabbing rig that includes a bubbler, a nail, a butane torch, and of course the eponymous dabbing tool.

This is somewhat less than portable to say the least, and many people want to enjoy their concentrates at their leisure. For those who don’t have space for rigs, or prefer something more portable there is concentrate vaporizers!

Concentrates are a type of processed dry herb. Dabbing concentrates are created through a process that uses solvents to push the active ingredients out of herb.

After this a vacuum oven was used to boil off the butane and purify the concentrate.

The resulting concentrate takes one of 3 forms; oil, the least pure and most viscous of the resultant dabbing concentrate; wax, a sticky, tacky substance; and finally, shatter, a brittle glass-like substance and the purest of all concentrates.

Concentrate vapes differ from dry herb vapes in that they use atomizers to rapidly heat and vaporizer concentrate and they typically have a more compact pen-like shape.

This pen style design makes them incredibly discreet and portable. This exactly what draws some people towards them.

For those who enjoy concentrates and value discreteness we have compiled a list of our most subtle and portable concentrate vaporizers.

Shhhh! 2 in 1 Herb And Concentrate Vaporizer

Shhhh! Concentrate Vape

The Shhhh! Is so subtle that they’ve actually got a ‘Shhhh!’ in their name! It is a versatile portable vape that can vaporizer both dry herb and concentrate. It features a vertically positioned ceramic coil with a rapid heat up time to heat material.

It is incredibly simple to use with an intuitive one button control system. It’s powered by an efficient and strong lithium-ion battery so you can be sure that your vape session won’t be interrupted by a sudden power outage.

This vape is equal parts discreet and versatile. It’s interchangeable atomizers mean that you can enjoy both concentrates and dry herb.

Its slimline design means that you can enjoy the Shhhh! Wherever you want, whenever you want!

Ghost Vaporizer Pen

Ghost Vape Portable

Ghosts are notoriously subtle and discreet, well, apart from poltergeist they’re notoriously austentatious.

The Dr Dabber Ghost Pen is a sleek, portable vape pen that is precision engineered to deliver a fantastic concentrate vape experience with oils, waxes, and concentrates.

The Ghost Pen is equipped with a titanium heating element inside the main heating chamber, this means that the resultant vapor is far cleaner and smoother than comparable models.

The titanium element is much more conductive so the ghost can operate at much lower temperatures than other vape pens.

Hypnos Zero

Hypnos vaporizer

The Hypnos is so discreetly designed that you’d be forgiven for mistaking it for a pen. It is eminently discreet and dependable.

It’s stainless steel body gives it a resilient quality that is more than capable of standing up to the day to day rigors of a vape’s life.

Its ceramic heating element means that the Linx provides you with a long lasting and tasty hit.

This vape is perfect for enjoying wax concentrates, and short of a full dabbing rig! Its wickless atomizer provides a fuller flavour with each hit, and you can expect a smooth and continuous vaping experience with no interruptions

Ole Ultra Vaporizer

Ole Ultra Vape

The Ole Ultra is a particularly sleek vape. It comes in a completely ready to go package that has all the necessary tools you could possibly need to get started.

It is controlled with a single button, so anyone can use it without any trouble. It can use both dry herb and concentrates, making it an eminently versatile unit, you can switch up your experience whenever you want!