Grav Labs: The Most Beautiful Bongs Worldwide

If you’re looking for some quality, intricate glassware for your herbs or concentrates, you’ve probably come across this one name at some point. Grav Labs.

Grav Labs are manufacturers of some of the most beautiful glass pieces on the market, with gorgeous beakers and pipes that immediately catch the eye and make you want to smoke from them.

These pieces aren’t just aesthetic, but well crafted too with strong, sturdy borosilicate glass at a thickness of 5mm or more.

There’s no point coming up with bongs like these if you aren’t going to back it up with quality.

Grav Labs began in 2004 in Austin Texas, USA and, since then, they’ve been dominating the market with some of the more original bong designs we’ve ever seen that allow for good water filtration but usually end in one hell of a punch.

Grav Labs have their hand in pretty much everything to do with smoking glassware, from hand held bubblers to full dabbing rigs and from basic, affordable pieces to higher end, multi-percolated gems.

They even have a few celebrity collaborations under their belt now. All this comes to you, the customer, with solid, handmade craftsmanship with modern designs using modern technology and techniques.

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Grav Labs Series’

Grav Labs have been in the game for a while, and as with any industry giant, they’ve got a few products, and even lines of products, that have helped them get famous in the first place.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to leave you in a sea of great vapes, not knowing which ones you should drop your hard earned cash on.



The Helix by Grav Labs are some of the most instantly recognizable bongs from the company, and maybe even on the market, thanks to their flared tube-mouthpiece that has an amazing function for your smoke.

These bad boys come in many styles, including straight and beaker. The actual design of the wide flare allows the smoke to collect one final time before finally hitting you hard in your draw, giving you one hell of an inhale, however, there’s more.

Notice the spacing between the tube and the base. Within the connection there’s a curved, tapered section that acts has a simple, shooting percolator that uses the vacuum of the water to really aerate the smoke as it passes through.

Jane West

Jane West Grav Labs Bong Beaker Edit Everyonedoesit

The Jane West collection is an ongoing collaboration between Grav Labs and the pioneering entrepreneur Jane West who, together, are currently bringing out a series of well-made, strong pipes with interesting designs at competitive price points.

The weight on some of these pieces, like the 10” beaker bong, is truly fantastic. Weight is such an important thing on pieces that aren’t too big as it can prevent them from getting broken in the future, Most the weight is localized at the bottom of the beaker where the glass is thickest to make it easier to use.


Upline Grav Labs Edit Everyonedoesit

One of Grav Labs’ other series of bongs revolves around a previously unfocused on perc, the Upline Perc. The Upline perc is placed within thin, tall bongs and is, for the most part, just a series of slitted grooves within the tube.

When the smoke is drawn up the tube, it pushes against them and is forced to swirl in and out of the centre line of the tube, aerating and filtering the more grooves are added.

Now, this isn’t the most advanced perc on the planet, but really what’s incredible here is what they’ve managed to do with it.

You can find this perc on some of their smaller spoon pipes and bubblers, and since you rarely find perc on these kinds of pipes, it managed to really set them apart on the market.

Honourable Mentions

The Helix Beaker Water Pipe

Helix Beaker Bong Edit Everyonedoesit

One of the more popular members of the Helix line, their beaker model has a shape that blends beautifully with the flared tube that marks the expert quality of these builds.

Making the beaker wide, tall and at a consistent angle to keep the maximum capacity of the vape incredibly high despite the fact that it’s a pretty compact bong to begin with.

The beaker base, as well as the flare, creates a really deep hitting vape that gets really filtered and aerated as it passes through that tapered flute percolator. With both of these large chambers to work with, you can really start to milk the bong for a hit you’ll never expect.

Flared Water Pipe

Flared Water Pipe Grav Labs

This 8” tall, 4mm thick straight styled bong is great to look at and is incredibly functional for all of the best reasons.

What you’re looking at is an ice pinch to hold a few cubes of ice which’ll help cool the smoke without creating any extra draw resistance like with water features. Disappointed by the lack of percolator?

Well a diffuser in the downstem helps aerate and push the smoke through the water just to give you that filtration you expect out of a top market bong.

The biggest benefit of this bong is just how strong, sturdy and dependable it is while stilling being quite affordable, with its wide rounded base and fixed downstem as well as thick glass, this piece will be able to take all of the abuse of a busy life.

SteamRoller Pipe

Steamroller Grav Labs Portable Pipe Edit Everyonedoesit

A high quality, durable steamroller pipe, one of the easiest kinds of pipes to use. Elegant, and comes with a carb hole function built-in, giving you maximum control.

The Grav Labs SteamRoller has focused on portability but with the most amount of functionality it could possibly cram into it. A great, on-the-go piece but with plenty of power to back it up.

The Steamrollers from Grav Labs have an in-built ashcatcher, which shows the extra mile they're willing to go with their gear.

With this ashcatcher, you won’t have to worry about any ash ruining your draw. These glass blunts also come in a variety of colours for you to choose from.

Glass Blunt

Glass Blunt Grave Labs

Looking for any easy, portable hit but not wanting to rely on papers. Check out Grav Labs’ amazing little blunt.

Coming at you for an incredibly affordable price, the Grav Labs blunt is made from the same heat resistant, borosilicate glass all their products use and comes with an amazing sliding feature that helps you get the desired amount of herbs you want when you want.

Coming in at 10.5cm long, the Glass Blunt has a securable fitting that allows the mouthpiece to maneuver around, giving you an ease of use when you’re just hanging out or with friends.

Using this glass blunt couldn’t be easier as there’s no need to roll. Just pick it up and get smoking.

Final Word

Grav Labs aren’t just the kind of manufacturer that gets lucky. Instead, they meticulously plan out whole lines of pipes and bongs with common innovative and creative designs across the models.

They’re so popular and their products are so well received because the second someone picks up one of these models they can just tell how high-quality and functional they are. Helix, Stax, Upline, Gravitron, Jane West.

You see these names, you’re seeing a genuine Grav Labs product and if you’re in the market for one of these beautiful wonders, well then rest easy because you’re making the best decision for your smoking life.