Types Of Percolator Bongs And Which One Is Best For You

Percolator bongs are the must have device for any genuine herbal enthusiast. One of the reasons why these bongs have become so popular is because of the sheer unadulterated bliss that they afford users.

Each draw from a percolator bong is like a thing of magic as the herbs waft into every last crevice of your body.

And one of the reasons for the outstanding high that these bongs provide is because of the design of the bong which ensures that you’ll receive the maximum hit time and time again.

How these units operate is that they come equipped with a diffuser and a filter that extracts all of the best components of your herbs and at the same time manages to eliminate any nasty carcinogens.

But the big question is, which percolator bong is the best for you? And to be quite honest this is a pretty hard one to call as there are so many of these outstanding bongs out there that it can sometimes be extremely hard in trying to determine which is the best one.

What you’ll need to take into the equation is what level of diffusion that you require and how much filtering of the smoke you desire to receive.

Many people don’t mind smoking caustic nasty substances and if these people are happy enough with this then fair play to them, but for the more sophisticated stoner you may want to have a smoother and more delicious experience.

What I’ll seek to achieve in this blog is a clearing up of any confusion that may arise when attempting to pick out the perfect bong for you.

But first of all we’ll need to get back to basics and discover how percolator bongs work.

How They Work

Usually a percolator bong works by forcing different pressures between different outlets. What the user then does he/she inhales and this forces the smoke down into the water and into the filtration process.

When the smoke is being pressured through the water it reaches maximum filtration before its then forced into your lungs.

This process also ensure that the smoke you receive will be cool and delicious and without any nasty after tastes that might have you coughing like a man after smoking from a chimney.

During this process there is also an exchange of of pressure between the hot smoke and the cool water and this allows for a further filtration of your herbs.

For example, a tree percolator bong has a whole host of small openings incorporated into its design and this allows for the smoke to be transferred into smaller bubbles.

Ultimately what this process leads to is increased efficiency when it comes to the whole cooling system. Additionally, this whole process traps toxins and will help ensure that you receive the purest smoke imaginable.

I promise you, once you see how a good quality percolator eliminates toxins and produces the smoothest hit imaginable you’ll find it very hard to use any other device.

Ok, I feel that's enough of the science and now its time to get down to the nitty gritty of the various bongs that will be at your disposal.

But first of all you must be aware that there are many different type of percolator bongs and one of the reasons for this is because of the sheer popularity of the devices.

Like in many things in life once the good news gets out everyone wants a piece of action and this fact is no different when it comes to percolator bongs.

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The Tree Percolator

In general, tree peculators have between 1 and 8 individual arms or flow paths. And in certain cases these paths can go the whole way up to 19. So what's the difference you may ask?

Usually the more arms that your bong has the more intricate the glass work that will be incorporated into the piece. But these really high end percolators are very difficult to make so it will be a very rare occurrence when you come across one.

How these flow paths operate is that they allow your smoke to enter the water and the whole filtration process will begin.

After the smoke enters the water it is then put into a further filtration process where your plants are diffused, cooled down, and then filtered to the perfect level where the smoke will then be inhaled into your lungs.

Dome Percolators

In contrast to tree percolators dome percolators use a large single dome which directs your smoke into a separate water column.

Dome percolators have a whole host of ways in which your herbs are filtered to the perfect level and many people seem to prefer the level of choice that these units afford users.

There are whole host of designs such as triangular dome which has small holes incorporated around the bottom of the dome or in some cases these devices may have larger holes which allows the transfer of the smoke.

In many cases manufacturers of these types of bongs have beautifully coloured art designed into the bongs which should add an extra dimension of class and ambience to your smoking experience.

Coil Percolator

Coil percolators are very similar to tree percolators. The major difference between both units is that the trees inside the device are bent into the shape of a coil.

With these bongs the coils will direct your ignited herbs into a water chamber where the final act of diffusion occurs.

The one issue that I have encountered with these bongs is that they sometimes can have a long drag that you may find irritating.

Additionally, these types of bongs are sometimes offered on the cheap and if you do buy cheap you may encounter many performance related issues.

As is often the case in life you get what you pay for and if you don’t spend the requisite cash you may be line to encounter a whole host of performance issues at a later date.

The Dewar

The Dewar bong is one of them devices that seems to fix many of the problems associated with percolator bongs. One of the major issues that dome percolator bongs encounter is that the vacuum that is created creates unnecessary pressure which pushes the water back into the bushing.

How the dewar solves this issue is that this device jackets the dome and prevents many unfortunate issues from arising. It is a quite in-genius solution that can only act to further enhance your stoner experience.

Why some of the other devices on the market don’t use this jacket system I’ll never know. Truly a superb invention that will be sure to take over the herbal landscape.

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Ring Percolator

The ring percolator, also known as the halo percolator, is another variation of the tree percolator. The main difference between the different machines is that there is a single bent stem which is joined up with a U-bend.

How the U-Bend function is that it wraps itself around the up stem. This feature usually will have a whole array of holes that will be incorporated into it.

In many cases ring percolators are found in the smaller bongs and this is because these devices usually have a longer drag.

Many herbal aficionados are convinced that these types of bongs lead to far smoother hits when compared with the competition.

I must say that when I tried out one of these devices I was blown away by the overall smoothness and consistency of the hits that I received. There was none of the real acrid and nasty tastes that can sometimes be associated with cheaper models.

Pinwheel Percolators

These type of bongs are as scarce as hens teeth and as far as I know only a few of them have ever been made. The system that the Pinwheel combines is a dewar percolator with a low set of arms.

The entire system is setup using a superb swirl pattern which acts to completely eliminate all forms of toxins from your plant materials. Basically what we’re talking about with this device is a totally re-engineered version of the original ring percolator.

When drawing from these devices you will find that the draw will be longer then normal but the manufactures pledge that this longer draw will provide a whole host of benefits.

The Inline Percolator

The inline percolator is a first cousin of the dewar percolator and the tree percolator. How these machines operate is that the arms in the devices are covered with dewar.

The inline percolator also contains holes that are cut through the arm and are found directly inside the first chamber of the pipe.

The slits can vary in their size and width. One of the handy extra features of this model is that the bubbles that the unit produces are very unusual and these bubbles can also enhance the diffusion system that is incorporated into the device.

Honeycomb Percolator

When it comes to elite level percolator bongs you cant get too much better than the HoneyComb. These devices are world renowned as being extremely efficient percolators that hit the sweet spot time and time again.

The main area inside these bongs can have up to 100 holes inside a honeycomb and this design allows for an incredibly efficient herbal experience.

The flat surface of the HoneyComb is utilized to the maximum degree to give you the perfect hit time and time again.

The one slight drawback with honeycomb bongs is that they do require regular cleaning but in my opinion you shouldn't let this slight drawback put you off as the end product is going to be a sight to behold.

The Fritted Disc

How this percolator works is that it joins together a series of glass fragments whilst at the same time leaving small spaces between each fragment.

The smoke is supposed to pass between all of these various holes then transferred into your lungs as soon as you take a good draw from the bong.

Within the holes themselves this is where the actual percolation and diffusion process takes place.

An added benefit of this method is that because of the number of holes incorporated this bong does not require regular cleaning.

I’ve tried the fritted disc a number of times and I must say that the smoke that I had the pleasure of receiving was truly world class.

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As I’m sure you’ve already gathered by now there are a huge amount of percolator bongs for you to choose from.

The real difficult part is in trying to determine which bong is going to be the perfect one for you. What you should try and do before investing a load of money in a bong is that you should attempt to sample them out first.

How do you do this you may ask? Well if you have mates you could pop around to their house and ask to try out their device and see how it feels.

It wont take you too long to determine whether the taste of the taste of the bong is to your satisfaction or not.

I also would advise you to go to webpages online that review bongs and when you go there you can find out what peoples experiences have been with certain bongs and percolators.

Another thing I would suggest is that you should pay the extra few dollars because in many cases prices does matter. Now, I’m not trying to say that there aren't bargains out there, certainly not!

But what I am trying to say is that you should be very cautious when buying some cheap ass percolator because in the long term it may not be worth it.

Overall, in finishing its my belief that you should definitely get your hands on a percolator bong because you wont be disappointed.

I’m fortunate enough in being someone who has had only superb experiences with percolators to be honest I cant recommend the devices enough.