The Must Read Guide For Dab Rig Beginner's

Ok, so you’re a novice when it comes to dab-rigs and you’re afraid that you might spill the proverbial milk and that you might make a mess of things.

Perhaps you’re afraid that dab rigs may overwhelm you and that you wont know what do do, but fear not because the DabRigKing has just entered the building.

The king is here to guide you to the promised land to where dab-rig utopia awaits you. I will Sheppard you along the path to where some of the most glorious dab rig stoner highs await you.

First of all you may ask, why dabrig in the first place? And the answer to this is that these devices have the ability to purify your herbs to the perfect level.

With the advent of dabrigs you now wont have to exclusively rely on vaporizers to receive the perfect hit you’ll now be able to enjoy your herbs to the maximum level with dabs.

The funny thing is that vaporizers and dabrigs are closely related in that both devices refer to inhale vapor that is produced when you heat up your concentrates.

The one issue that many newbies encounter is the vast amount of dabs that on sale. Feeling you way through all of these different devices can be an intimidating task at the best of times.

With many units being referred to as ‘nails,’ ‘domes,’ and ‘reburns,’ you may feel like you don’t know where to start. And this is a problem that many people encounter when starting out on their dabbing career.

But it most certainly isn't a problem that you should let intimidate you. So how do you decide which is going to be the perfect device for you? One of the first things you should make your business doing is gathering as much information as possible about the different products out there.

When is comes to dabrigs it will pay in spades if you investigate all of the rigs available. One of the first thing that you should attempt to do is familiarize yourself with the various designs that populate the marketplace.

Like most products there will be different levels of rigs such as: low end, mid range, and high end and some of these devices will have all of the mods cons and with others you’ll be lucky if they work at all.

By taking note of the guide that I have written below I believe that you’ll be able to work your way though the plethora of dab-rigs and decide which device is the best one for you.


What are dab rigs?

For the newbies a dbg rig can get pretty confusing. In contrast to bongs or pipes a dab rigs isn't intended to catch anything which is on fire.

What happens is a nail is heated up with a torch and concentrated herbs are then dabbed on top of it. As soon as this happens a delicious vapor is produced that you inhale.

The beauty about this method is that you can get far more herbs into your body then via traditional methods such as pipes and bongs.

One of the reasons why this method has exploded onto the market is that dabbing is just so damn effective. One thing you’ll be guaranteed of with dabbing is that you’ll get far more bang for your buck.

What is dabbing?

Before we go into this any further I feel that’s vital that you have a deeper understanding of what dabbing really is.

As previously mentioned the terms ‘dabbing’ refers to putting a small amount of concentrates herbs onto your rig which then produces a vapor. In a typical setting people will generally use concentrates when dabbing as they wont run off your nail and fall onto the floor.

Once you’ve gotten over your first few times dabs you’ll soon begin to appreciate how easy it actually is.

The fact is e-nails wont heat up without using a torch and so you’ll need to come supplied with a good quality torch that will get the job done for you.

Sometimes dab-rigs and torches are sold separately but if you’re in luck you may come across a package where both items are included into the same bundle.

First of all, when dabbing you should always try and ensure that you heat up your nail with your torch as this will ensure that you’re ready for action.

Once you think that the torch is hot enough you should then proceed to apply your concentrates. You should then place your mouth over the mouthpiece and that precious vapour should soon be firing down into your lungs.

Once the vapor materializes you should inhale it to whatever level you’re comfortable with.

You should always bear in mind that the highs from dabrigs can be extra potent and so at the beginning it may be prudent to take it easy at the until you find a level that you’re comfortable with.

Another important factor to take into consideration it that if your dab doesn't have a dome you should always wait for it to cool down before storing it away.


Components of dab-rigs

Hopefully by this point you have a fair idea of how dab-rigs operate. The majority of dab rigs are made up of three separate components: a nail, glass piece, and a torch.

Unfortunately, in most cases, you’re going to have to purchase your torch lighter separately. Also, most people do seem to side with using actual dabber's to apply their concentrates.

A dabber is just a small short rod that comes in very handy when initiating the whole process. If you’re lucky you may come across dab rigs that are sold as complete sets but the chances of this, as I’ve already mentioned, are usually pretty slim.

Personally, I prefer mixing and matching my components as I can then pick and choose which items I feel will be best up for the job.

But for beginners, I can understand why they may prefer getting the whole set in one bundle as then they wont have to mess about getting various other items.

Types of Nails

There has been a huge amount of debate over which type of dab nail works best and this certainly is one area where the controversy seems no sign of abating.

One of the reasons why this area is so controversial is because the nail is vitally important when it comes to the whole dabbing process.

In an ideal situation the nail should heat up pretty rapidly and should also be able to retain heat for a reasonable period of time.

Below I have assembled a list of rigs that you will have available for your use.

Glass- Borosilicate glass is made of extremely durable stuff and it usually works superbly with bongs and pipes.

But in my opinion, this type of glass just isn’t suitable for dab rigs! Everywhere you look people seem to be harping on about this glass, but the reason being isnt because of quality but because the glass is cheap.

One major downside is that the glass breaks very easily and because of this you’ll have to replace when regularly.

The simple fact is, in the long run borosilicate glass isnt cheaper because you’ll continually find yourself having to replace the glass. Additionally, glass is very poor at retaining heat and in my cases it simply doesnt get the job done.

Ceramic- Similar to glass ceramic has a tendency to break very easily and also has a propensity not to get the job done. Overall, I don’t feel that ceramic is worth the hassle.

Quartz- Quart nails are some of the best materials that you can use when dabbing. Quartz is far more durable than glass and ceramic and its nearly impossible to overheat it.

But one of the major downsides is that quartz doesn't retain the heat for long enough. And because it doesn't hold the heat for very long it may not heat your concentrates for long enough for you to receive the vapor that you deserve.

Titanium- The majority of dabbers prefer the use of titanium nails. Why is this you may ask? Well for the simple reason that titanium is that strong it could nearly withstand a nuclear blast.

And titanium also retains heat superbly well and this will allow you many hours of non stop stoner bliss. The only issue that I’ve encountered with titanium is that it has a slight risk of overheating and perhaps burning your concentrates instead of vaping it.

This is one of the reasons why some people like to join their titanium nail with a water diffuser which should help to balance out any heating problems that you may encounter.

E-nails- E-nails are extremely convenient and will allow you to stop having to use a torch altogether. Essentially, these devices are electric nails that come equipped with a port for a coil and a PID that decides your temperature.

These units do have a tendency to cost a lot more money but they will allow you have way more control over your dabbing experience. When dabbing different materials the vaporisation temperature can vary so it is very handy to be given the option to adjust the temperature to whatever you choose.


Dome v Domeless

The age old debate of whether dome or domeless is better is set to continue. One thing is for sure, domed nails are far safer than domeless and they do have the capacity to hold the vapour intact for a much longer period of time.

Additionally, the glass dome does look really classy and it’s inside this dome where the vapor is held for an extra long period of time. In spite of all of the positives, some people do prefer the dome-less version but for me it has to be the dome every time.

Pros and Cons

A few of the advantage of using dab rigs include the sheer convenience that they afford users. And unlike home-made dabs well produced rigs are far safer for you when dealing with fire and heat.

Another advantage to dabbing is the sheer artistry involved in many of the dab rigs. Some of the devices would not look out of place in an art museum.

The only real negative that I can come across is that if your purchase a cheap dab rig it may not perform to your satisfaction. With a cheap rig your nail may not heat up enough or it may get too hot.

Believe me, there is nothing worse then getting ready for a few hits and then your dab flops on its ass as it doesn't produce enough vapour for you to inhale.

But you can easily avoid many of these issues by investing in a good quality dab rig that will get the job done.


When dabbing you should always have safety on your mind. Dabbing in itself isnt very dangerous, but when you’re using a blow torch you should always be paying attention!

Always find a safe and secure place in which to begin your session and never attempt to dab whilst you’re moving around!

When dabbing you should always use common sense but unfortunately in many cases common sense isn't that common!

Never wave you heating element around at people and always make sure that you never point your torch it at any flammable materials.


Should you go dabbing? Most certainly, but what you’ll need to take into the equation is that dabbing is extra potent and you’ll just have to be aware of the pitfalls.

But when you dab responsibly you really can have the time of your life. Some of the best hits I’ve ever had have come from when I was dabbing.

Of course, it may take a while for you to get to know how to dab effectively but when you do you wont be disappointed.

So my advice is to get out there and get dabbing, who knows you may dab yourself to the time of your life.