Top Ten Vaporizers of 2017

Are you ready for us to reveal the top ten vaporizers in the UK that 2017 has had to offer so far? Here we go!

Pax 3

As the brother of the best selling vaporizer of 2016, the PAX 3 has a lot to live up to. Although similar in looks to the PAX 2, that's pretty much where the resemblance ends with the PAX 3 having been totally redesigned internally.

The body of the unit is constructed using anodised aluminium and medical graded components meaning it will deliver purer and stronger vapor in seconds.

The most significant change that has been made to the PAX design is the added capability of the PAX 3 to vaporize oils and concentrates as well as dry herbs.

Users have the option of more than four temperatures settings which the upgraded chamber in the PAX 3 can achieve in a matter of seconds to produce the highest quality vapor.

The internal battery has also been significantly improved offering a far longer life and makes the PAX 3 a pleasure to take out and about with no charging worries.

The multi-coloured LED display lets you know when the device is heating and the vape will vibrate when ready to use, which is a very handy addition.

The PAX 3 is bluetooth compatible and even has its own app available for downloading to add to the convenience of use.

The unit itself also incorporates lip-sensing technology so the device will heat up when

bring it to your lips, and cool again once you set it down. This is a spectacular feature for preserving both and battery life and herb/concentrate.


The best selling vaporizer of 2016, the PAX 2 has many great features including long battery life and a highly efficient temperature control system that will provide perfect vaping temperatures.

With focus on the smoothness and quality of the draw, the four vaping temperature settings have been programmed with the aim of the perfect vape in mind.

They do not disappoint! Weighing a mere 90.2g, the PAX 2 is wonderfully discreet yet sturdy vaporizer that be carried in your pocket without worry making it the epitome of portability.

Boundless CF & CFX

The pinnacle of affordable conduction/convection heating with delicious taste, the Boundless CF is a perfect representation of what Boundless are striving to create in a vaporizer.

With a large chamber, which performs perfectly well when only half full, and powerful heating element, the device is ready to use in just 20 seconds.

A new addition in the form of “stealth mode” allows the LEDs to be deactivated for added subtlety, and the battery will support you for a guaranteed 10 sessions.

The Boundless CFX is a larger edition of the CF, with extra large chamber and ceramic heater making it perfect for group sessions. The ceramic heater offers even heating and less wasted herb.

The finish of the vape is exquisite with the addition of an impressive car dashboard-like display showing the desired and actual temperature.

The CFX will reach set temperatures comfortably within 20 seconds, an impressive feat for a vaporizer of its size, and the battery is substantial enough to facilitate 10-15 sessions with a full charge.

Storz & Bickel Mighty

The Mighty is one of Storz & Bickels most well loved vaporizers. The secret to the Mighty’s vape success appears to lie in its hybrid of conduction and convection heat which allows it to heat up in a matter of seconds, while having a toasty and efficient effect on your herbs.

Compatible with both dried loose leaves and oil concentrates, the Mighty produces a thick, supreme vapor but never hot harsh hits. The clear, easy-to-read display means it’s simple to adjust your temperature, as well as to keep updated with your vapes current temperature.

Other handy features included the vibration function which lets you know when it’s ready for use, and the auto shut-off safety feature meaning you can vape carefree.

Storz & Bickel Crafty

Thought of as the smarter sister of the Mighty, Storz & Bickel created the Crafty with bluetooth capabilities allowing you to control temperature from your smart phone and a cooling unit to prevent any harsh hits, among other impressive additions.

Retaining many of the best of the Mighty’s features, such as the convection/conduction heating and automatic shut off, the Crafty also allows for vaping while the unit is charging as an added convenience.

Storz & Bickel Volcano Digital

The Volcano Digital sports the same striking unique, hand-crafted cone shape as the Volcano classic and is one of the most well respected and technologically advanced oil and dry herb vapes on the market.

Talk about brains and beauty! With its patented technology it syphons away any tar and harmful toxins from the combustion chamber, and intensifies the the effects of the vapor by 75%.

As a hidden extra, the Digit has a detachable balloon stored under the hood which, once filled, can be taken out and enjoyed completely separately. The balloon can store the vapor safely for up to 8 hours.

With a wide range of vaping temperatures to suit most vaping materials, the Digit still allows for precise temperature control with it digital display and controls.

As Storz and Bickels’ leading product, the Volcano Digital has become legend with desktop vape fans and is likely to remain a firm favourite for the duration of 2017, and undoubtedly beyond.


Compatible with oils, waxes and dry herbs, the Herbalizer is the embodiment of vape engineering and comes with a variety of modes and features.

This vaporizer allows you to vape at temperatures up to 230 degrees celsius but will never incinerate your dry herb.

Usage is straightforward and the balloon system makes for hassle free vape sessioning and the integrated whip is built into the unit, with space for safe storage when not in use.

The Herbalizer has a freestyle vape mode which allows pure vapor pour into the room which is perfect for destressing, aromatherapy or even sessions with a large group.

Da Vinci IQ

Staying true to their innovative legacy of perfecting the purest flavor a vaporizer can provide, Da Vinci present the IQ.

With a ceramic air path guaranteeing no contamination with any flavor but that of your vapor and a 16 second heating time, the pleasure will be all yours with the Da Vinci IQ.

A 3 hour battery life means it will never be a need to charge that interrupts your session. With bluetooth connectivity you can control the innovative “Smartpath” feature which lets you control the power of each hit you take during the session and a boost mode option allows for extra large hits at you leisure.

An impressive LED display and precision temperature controls allows you complete domination over your vaping session.

Firefly 2

With the ability to reach 205°C/400°F in just 3 seconds, the Firefly 2 is the fastest vape on the market at present.

Weighing less than half of the Firefly 1 and with a smaller body, it is far sleeker and more portable.

The battery life has also been vastly improved meaning longer vaping sessions, and with a full charge achieved within 45 minutes with its wireless charging cradle it offers impressive efficiency.

The temperature can be fully controlled with two touch sensors which are easy to master, but there always the app to fall back on if you want to let the robots do the work.

Arizer Solo 2

Perhaps the best vaporizer so far in 2017, the Solo 2 has a stainless steel oven teaming up with a ceramic heating element that promise remarkable purity and flavor.

It sports a built in aroma tube into which you pack your herbs meaning they only come into contact with glass vastly reducing the possibility of contamination to the flavor.

A full LCD display offers a wealth of information and allows for precise adjustments to be made in 1 or 10 degree increments so you’re always in full control.

So there you have it! The very best the vaporizer world has to offer so far in 2017. Dont forget to check out our wide range of vaporizers that we have here at EveryBodyDoesIt!