Instuctions To Use Atmos Ole Vaporizer

Atmos ole vaporizer is a high performance and reliable vaporizer which features advanced technologies that ensure that users get the best out of their e-juices or e-liquids while been very portable and easy to conceal in pockets, purses and bag packs unnoticeably.

The atmos ole is a pen, ultra slim in nature and fits comfortable in the palm of your hands, it also fits well in the pockets and when we talk about a vapor piece that is totally convenient for vaping on the go, and then we talk about the atmos ole vaporizer.

To get a clear illustration of the sleek and compact nature of the atmos ole, it has a size dimension of 2.0 in. by 7.0 in. by 1.2 in. representing height, width depth respectively while it weighs just 0.2 lbs.

Because this vape is made by Atmos, you can be sure that it crafted by the best designers and also from the highest quality components tou can think of.

In a nutshell, the atmos ole was built to last, though users have the obligation to keep their unit clean to achieve longevity in usage.

Still on the buildup of the atmos ole. The heating chamber of the atmos ole is ceramic inspired portrays smoothness and sweetness of vapor that emanates from the dual steel and ceramic filters for an amazing vaping experience.

Atmos Ole Vape UK

The performance levels of the atmos ole is quite commendable and it is one of the features I cherish most in vaporizers, that is allowing you vape your oils, juices and concentrates at a very fast and quick heat up time, this mean you do not have to wait forever to get hits from your juices or e-liquids.

The fast acting battery and also the one touch activation that is featured in this device also contributes to its excellent performance.

The vapor that is delivered to users from this lovely and wonder vapor piece is indeed pleasant on the mouth and throat, so if you had a bad experience with other vape pens or even other atmos inspired vapes, I want to confidently say to you that it is different with the atmos ole.

The Atmos Ole Vaporizer comes with:

  • 1 x Heating Chamber
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 1 x Packing tool
  • 1 x Lanyard
  • 1 x Battery
  • 1 x Mouthpiece
  • 1 x Filter
  • 1 x User Manual

Shortly in this article, we would be looking into a detailed review on how to use the atmos ole vaporizer to enable newbies and even connoisseurs get the best out of their vapor pieces any time any day.

Atmos Ole Vaporizer Instructions

The instructions to use the atmos ole vaporizer is contained in the atmos ole usage manual which comes in the box containing the atmos ole device.

So I strongly advise that every user glance through the manual for a guide though we are here to simplify the usage instructions for a more convenient and pleasant vaping session.

The first step in the usage of the atmos ole vaporizer is to simply and gently remove the mouthpiece from the cartridge, after which you allow the cartridge to be placed in an upright manners having the opening facing upwards.

Nextly, you will need to drip or load your oils or your desired liquid into the heating chamber also called the clearomizer, and this dripping can be done by either the use of syringe, dropper or any mechanism that will not allow for a dripping down of liquid or oil to the floor.

After this stage, you are now required to wait up for a few seconds to allow the drips settle down before proceeding to replace the cartridge while making sure that the battery is on a full charge.

At this stage you are set to ignite, all you need do is to press down the power button while inhaling gently for 5 -7 seconds. Personally, I increase my inhaling pace after about 20 second’s giving me massive clouds.

How To Maintain

Maintenance is vital in the usage of any commodity particularly vapor pieces. Maintaining the atmos ole involves users cleaning the clearomizer as often as it is necessary to prolong the lifespan of the unit.

Cleaning the clearomizer of the Atmos Ole can be done by using a 90% isopropyl alcohol and rinsed in clean water afterward.

To ensure a consistent heating of the atmos ole vaporizer, you should ensure to charge unit with the appropriate and accompanied charging options at all times.

The atmos ole vaporizer bags a warranty of 3 months which only cover the unit under normal usage. Should you unit arrive in a defective order, a replacement will be issued for free.

Finally, The Atmos Ole vaporizer is a perfect vaporizer for beginners as it is very simple to use and the performance levels would get you craving for hits after your first experience.