Grow Kits That Will Revolutionize Indoor Growing

We all want to enjoy the fruits of our own labour, so why not give into that urge? Get your hands dirty and cultivate something!

Of course, not everyone has access to the tracts of land you need for large scale agriculture. In fact, few people have so much as a back garden for a few veggies.

Does that mean that these people are cursed forever to be deprived of the joys of growing things? No, of course not, we have a solution that could revolutionise your life and turn you into a hearty, strapping son of the soil or daughter of dust.

These fantastic innovations are called Indoor Grow Boxes.

BC Nothern Lights

One company bringing a whole new world of high-quality grow boxes to the masses. Once hydroponic systems were the purview of futuristic laboratories, not anymore! If you have a few feet of spare floor space, you too can have your own hydroponics system.

BC Northern Lights were first founded nearly two decades ago in 2001. It started out as a small endeavor helmed by four friends. Their mission was to bring hydroponic agriculture to the home market.

With their first product they achieved this goal. The Bloombox is considered the industry standard for indoor gardening, ‘Grow Your Own’, is BCNL’s motto and great products like the Bloombox are more than capable of helping you reach this goal.

The Bloombox

The Bloombox is a holistic hydroponic system that has everything you could The Bloombox - Grow Box | EDIT UKpossibly need. It is a dual chamber grow box that has earned a massive array of accolades including the prestigious S.T.A.S.H. award from none other than High Times Magazine. The Bloombox is a fantastic system that can grow herb from seed to sprout to flower in a mere six weeks. Its dual chamber design means that it can handle up to nine plants at once

The Roommate

The Bloombox is a fantastic grow box, but it can be a little bulky for some The Roommate - Grow Box | EDIT UKpeople’s tastes. What do you do if you want to grow yourself some high-quality herb, but on a smaller scale? The Roommate is the Bloombox’ little brother. It allows you to grow a smaller crop in a much smaller space.

How Will This Change Your Life?

The ability to grow your own herb is satisfying on a psychological level, but on a financial level too, the majority of the products you buy are priced according to the labour that goes into producing them. If you decide to take on that labour yourself, then you can save a whole lot of money!


So next time your picking out your favorite herbal blends, just think about how much you could save if you grew it yourself.