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Grow Boxes - Modern Horticulturalist Solutions

In the modern landscape, attitudes are changing, misinformation is being exposed, prohibition repealed and research continues into cannabinoids, hemp and the various by products in that sphere.

You may be looking at all of this and thinking it all brings new meaning to the phrase “Green Thumb,” but truly the Hemp plant and its flowers offer some of the greatest challenges, but also rewards for the committed Horticulturalist.

Grow Boxes on EveryoneDoesIt

Dedicated technology now exists that can help you throughout this process, automating some of the major aspects of caring for these complex plants.

Modern computer and robotics technologies combine with sensors and algorithms to ensure that conditions remain optimal at all times within these grow boxes.

Air, Moisture, Heat, CO2 Uptake, Light and Lumens absorption; with these facets taken care of by your dedicated Grow Box, you can focus on the artistry of horticulture, cross breeding, experimenting, and otherwise pushing at the boundaries of this extraordinary plant.


"What is a Grow Box?"

A grow box is a self contained growing environment, particularly useful for indoor horticulture. It contains systems that try to mimic nature and provide the components your plants will need. 

"What Does Hydroponic Mean?"

The term hydroponic refers to the practice of growing plants not in soil, but in mineral rich liquid nutrient solutions. The practice is cleaner, more efficient and effective than growing in soils or other solids. All of the Grow Boxes you'll find on EveryoneDoesIt are hydroponic systems.  

So what should I look for in a Grow Box?”

Discretion, Security, Quality, there are many factors to consider when purchasing one of these devices.

The current industry standard has been being set by BC Northern Lights since their inception in early 2001.

A list of things to consider before purchasing follows. 


Innovations in Grow Boxes:

Air Flow: Experimentation and research has show that one large fan is not optimal. Consequently, the Grow Boxes we stock on EveryoneDoesIt use multiple medium sized fans which are also audio-suppressed, for a smooth, optimum and discreet internal air flow.

Lighting: Using only 400 watt HID lights and highly reflective medical grade aluminium, The RoomMate is able to produce more light energy (lumens) than plants can absorb per square foot.

Odour Destroying Carbon Filter: With a filter specially designed to destroy odours rather than release them, only you need to know what’s growing inside.

Industrial Casters and Locks: BC Northern Lights use only the most premium fixings on the Grow Box range, super durable castors and locks make sure your Grow Box is mobile (where appropriate) and secure at all times, and stays that way for its entire life.

Fully Automated Computer Control: Eliminating the chance of drastic variations, and utilising smart auto timers that react to data, this is almost foolproof! (Almost!)

Powder Coated Aluminium Body: Offering stability, durability and making your Grow Box a breeze to clean down, Northern Lights have found the ideal material for a grow box. 

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