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240v Royale
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The BloomBox Grow Box

The issues facing you, the home grower, are countless, interconnected and varied.

What you need is something that cuts down on variables, offers stability of heat, light, air and moisture, meaning that you can focus on the artistry of your horticulture.

With changing attitudes the world over, the demand for high quality plants will only continue to swell, and will most likely go supernova when laws start to catch up with attitudes.

Get yourself ahead of the pack today with The BloomBox, the ultimate dual chamber indoor hydroponic grow box.

About the BloomBox 

The BloomBox is designed to actualize the optimal growing environment for your seeds or clones, and will dish out 9 flowering plants which can be harvested every 6-8 weeks.

Capable of growing up to 9 plants at once (dependent on the strain you have chosen to raise), the Bloombox’s manufacturers state that you should expect between a half and a whole pound of yield every 6-8 weeks!

The BloomBox keeps your female mother plants in a constant state of vegetation, so that the plant is convinced it is constantly Spring time. This inhibits flowering, and means you can continue to take indefinite cuts to your producer boxes.

Space for up to 9 plants means that your BloomBox will be producing very high yields, maximising the value of your seeds.

The BloomBox is compatible with BC Northern Lights Power Cloners, and one is included with the package.

This product has a number of odour controlling techniques employed in its design, so that you can practise your cultivation in the required privacy.

For more information on using the BloomBox click here

Innovations in the BC Northern Lights range include:

Lighting: Using only 400 watt HID lights and highly reflective medical grade aluminium, The BloomBox is able to produce more light energy (lumens) than plants can absorb per square foot.

Odour Destroying Carbon Filter: With a filter specially designed to destroy odours rather than release them, only you need to know what’s growing inside.

Industrial Casters and Locks: BC Northern Lights use only the most premium fixings on the Grow Box range, super durable castors and locks make sure your BloomBox is mobile and secure at all times, and stays that way for its entire life.

Fully Automated Computer Control: Eliminating the chance of drastic variations, and utilising smart auto timers that react to data, this is the most foolproof product from Northern BC yet.

Aluminium Body: Offering stability, durability and making your BloomBox a breeze to clean down, Northern Lights have found the ideal material for a grow box.

Included with the BloomBox:

  • The BloomBox grow box
  • 3-cycle supply of silver nutrients
  • CFL and HID bulbs
  • Carbon filter odour control
  • Rockwool grow medium
  • CO2 hookup and hoses
  • Airstones
  • Air pumps
  • Water pumps
  • Golden Grow power cloner / veg tub
  • Hydro tubs
  • Hydro pot for mother plant
  • Industrial casters
  • 400 watt digital ballast
  • Grow and tech manuals
  • 365 day technical and Grow support


For more information on assembling or maintaining the BloomBox click here

Amateur to professionals will agree on the quality of this premium product. If you already have some of the BC Northern Lights grow box range, you know exactly what this product will offer you, control, peace of mind, and will set you on your path to cultivation perfection.

For the highest quality flowers, that will be the envy of your growing peers, it has to be a BC Northern Lights Grow Box.

The focus on precision engineering, utilising safe and secure wiring systems, is the key to The BloomBox and the entire Northern Lights range. With minimal time and energy required to be dedicated to setup, you can really get to grips with your passion, growing high yields of your favourite strains, cross breeding, indeed the possibilities are now only limited by your imagination- all you have to do is add water regularly! 

For information on combos click here

So what are you waiting for!? Get yours today! 

Additional Information

240v, 240v Royale, 240v Royale w/cheese