The Trailer Park Boys Bong Is Perfect For All You Greasy B*stards

At first the idea of a Trailer Park Boys’ Silibong seems somewhat strange. We’re used to seeing entertainment endorsements in Happy Meals and kid’s pencil cases, but on a bong?

When you think about it, though, bongs have been a long standing part of pop culture. Water Pipes have made hundreds and thousands of appearances in films, tv shows, and even video games.

Bongs simply are a part of the entertainment landscape so it makes perfect sense that entertainment will slowly make its way into the bong landscape.

Greasy Deals

Trailer Park Boys is a beloved Canadian mockumentary series created by Mike Clattenburg. The comedy follows the exploits of three trailer park residents; Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles.

The trio live in the fictional novascotian trailer park called Sunnyvale. Each episode revolves around the three concocting a scheme in a vain attempt to make money.

These schemes invariably involve petty crimes and copious amounts of liquor. They face interference from the police, other residents, and Sunnyvale's lunatic alcoholic super, Mr. Lahey, and his assistant/ S&M life partner Randy. Of course their biggest obstacle is their own incompetence.

It is this incompetence that inspired the concept of the silibong. If you have a triad of baffling child-men who only seem to ruin everything, then what you need is something unruinable; you need unbreakable bong.

Ricky Julian and Bubbles are renown for making the greasiest of greasy deals, and this sponsorship seems to be their latest, and (we hope) least greasy deal. The silibong is an unbreakable fall proof bong.

It was inspired by an incident where Bubble knocked Ricky’s bong off the top of his car, smashing it to pieces.

After a furious, incoherent tirade, courtesy of Rickey, the gang sat down and came up with an un-fuckupable bong. A bong so tough no amount of liquor fueled lunacy could wreck it.

Tough Bastard

The silibong is so tough because it uses FDA approved food grade silicone that can flex and bounce without ever losing its shape.

The only components of the bong that aren’t made of resilient silicone are the downstem and the bowl.

So confident are its creators in the unbreakable sturdiness of their bong that they even supply a lifetime warranty!

This resilience doesn’t come at the expense of your smoking experience, the bong has a smooth and even pull with no nasty aftertaste.

There is a removable ice notch for when you want to ensure that you get the coolest, smoothest smoking experience possible.

To ensure that the bong is one hundred percent, totally, completely idiot proof, the base feature a suction cup that ensures that it will stay upright all night!

Ricky and Julian's schemes usually end with one or both of them in jail, or some other terrible consequence.

Though we can’t see how this high quality range of bongs could possibly backfire on them. They’ll no doubt find a way some how.

The Silibong is a tube bong, this means that it stands somewhat taller than other models of bongs and is a bit more compact.

Typically beaker bongs are somewhat more stable, but the suction cup in the base of the silibong takes care of that, so you don’t have to worry about it falling over!

When it comes to caring for your silibong you can treat it like a regular bong, albeit a somewhat more resilient one. Simply use our range of cleaning products to loosen and get rid of stubborn grime and grit!

For a broader range of bongs; glass, silicone, or plastic, check out our UK web store! You can also find a range of accessories that will help you augment your smoking experience!