Everything You Need To Know About Ehle Bongs

The UK bong scene is as much of a collectors market as it is a haven for herb aficionados.

Bongs can be truly immaculate pieces of glass, examples of mastery and perfect craftsmanship that you would be hard pressed to find in any other industry.

Germany is a veritable wellspring of mastercrafted glass, many of the finest bong makers in the world hail from Deutchland! One brand in particular stands apart: Ehle!

Ehle are a fantastic German brand, but what’s their story, and what sets them apart?

Ehle is a family name, and it is a name that has the legacy of generations of glassblowers attached to it.

In 1949 the patriarch of Ehle, the current owner’s father moved to Limburg with little more than a pocket full of change and a brain full of ideas. While there he founded the company that would becomes Ehle.

This company quickly became a glassware giant and today they are renown worldwide for their skill and mastery.

Ehle bongs are not only great for a smooth smoking experience they are also amazing collector’s items thanks to their consistent, premium quality, perfect functionality and innovative design!

Today Ehle are a crack team of focused and coordinated glassblowers and promising trainees. They also

have a fantastic sales team who ensure that word of their quality is spread far and wide. Despite all this growth and success Ehle still stick to their founding principles.

From the very start the Ehle name has been established on the bedrock of the fantastic quality and workmanship of their glass. Over the years the more traditional techniques have been superseded by high tech modern methods but they have always been sure to remember their roots; keeping all production in their German workshop.

Ehle do not underestimate the importance of taking pride in your work, and how essential it is to be true to yourself. This is why they have, in all their years of business they have never compromised on quality and design!

The Ehle story is a fantastic example of taking pride in your work and sticking to what you love, a stirring story indeed but what about the bongs? That’s what we’re here for after all!

Custom 500ml Sandblasted Bong

Ehle Bong

This 500ml Sandblasted bong is a very special piece of glass. It has had it’s entire foot and base sandblasted for a gorgeous texture and it has a striking Ehle logo rising up out of the frosting.

The mouthpiece and rim have also been sandblasted for maximum style points. This bong doesn’t just look good. It also comes equipped with a series of ice notches that will let you cool your hit for a smooth smoking experience.

As with all Ehle pieces this bong is precision made in Ehle’s bespoke German workshop that is renown for producing pieces of consistent quality.

This quality promises pieces that are made to the most exacting specifications with all of the component parts and accessories fitting in perfectly.

Clear Contoured Tube Bong

Ehle Waterpipe

This glass water pipe is a fantastic example of Ehle’s pioneering and innovative design philosophy. This unique bong is contoured all along the inside of the tube giving it a romanesque pillar-esque pillar.

It is a truly striking effect! As with all Ehle bongs this piece is run through computer-controlled cooling and tempering processes that ensures that the piece is resilient and thermal-shock resistant!

Glass Oil Rig

Ehle Dabbing Rig

Ehle do more than just bongs they also do oil rigs for those who enjoy concentrates here is the Glass Oil Rig.

The Standing 25cm tall this glass rig has been specially designed for use with concentrates, oils, and shatter. It comes packaged with a high quality titanium nail so you have everything you need to enjoy your dabbing experience.

Made from the very finest borosilicate glass it is resistant to thermal shock, a must in any dab rig!