Linx Ember | Review and Tutorial

‘Discreet. Affordable. Compact.’ – That’s the Linx Ember tagline. At about £30.00, we are confident that this dab pen fulfils at least one of these criteria.

However, surely at that price, many are skeptical about its quality and reliability. However, with medical-grade stainless steel proving its quality and an impressively sleek and compact design, it is easy to see why there is such a buzz around the Linx

Ember and why it is the ideal dab pen for portability and cost-effective vaping.

The Linx Ember Review

With a safe lithium-ion battery, which recharges in one to two hours via USB, and an atomizer that is impossible to spill anything from, all customers will feel comfortable using the Linx Ember.

Plus, its small size (10.5 mm (Diameter) x 110.7 mm (Length)), light nature and its handy kit-holder leave the users of this dab pen happy to take it wherever they go.

However, providing functionality and safety does not mean the manufacturers have skimped on creating a quality product with a stylish appearance.

Here are the major pros of using the Linx Ember as your day-to-day dab pen.

Linx Ember Vape Pen I Everyonedoesit UK

Fast and Precise Controls

Triple-click the Link Ember, and it will heat up in just 12 seconds. This is the Sesh Mode. This will enable you to enjoy the vaporizer for an extended period.

Not only that, there are three easy-to-navigate temperature control settings in total, meaning you can pick what works best for your needs.

Mesmerising Design

A small window in the atomizer makes this pen enchanting to watch. You’ll see everything bubbling up as you use it and it will leave you truly relaxed. Moreover, it uses a unique air-flow design and snug fitting parts which won’t result in any spillages.

High-Quality Material

The Ember is made with only medical grade material. The safety of the stainless-steel materials also means it feels great to hold. Plus, the strength of the steels means you know you’re spending your money on a product that could last for years if cared for well.

Manufacturers of the Linx Ember have ensured it is a worthy investment at a minimal and attractive cost.

Sophisticated Kit Container

Linx Ember Case I Everyonedoesit UK

The Linx Ember manufacturers have provided their customers with a handy, yet tasteful container to carry your kit in. This will allow you to keep your dab pen, along with the USB cable for charging and its battery all in one place wherever you go.

Since the pen itself only weighs around 28g, and the box is lightweight, you will barely notice it’s there. However, you can rest assured you have everything to hand when you need it.

The Linx Ember Tutorial

Here is a useful guide about everything involved in using the Ember Linx product – and it’s all relatively simple. 


Attach your battery to the USB cable and then connect the other end of the USB cable to plug.
Plug your device into a wall socket for at least one hour (or two hours for maximum impact). However, your pen will arrive with a little bit of charge, so you won’t need to worry about doing this first time around.

Connect the Ember battery to the atomizer.


Linx Ember Atomizer I Everyonedoesit UK

Load the atomizer with you desired ingredient.
Connect the mouthpiece and filter to the top of the atomizer.
Click the power button five times to switch on.
To choose your temperature, click three times for each heat setting.

After the first three clicks, a blue light will show (this is the coldest setting).

After the second set of three clicks and the green light will appear (this is the medium setting), and after the third set of clicks, a red light will show (this is the hottest setting).


Disconnect the atomizer, mouthpiece and filter. Put the battery to one side.
Place the atomizer, mouthpiece and filter in isopropyl alcohol for two hours.

After the two hours are up, take out the items from the article and scrub them dry and clean with a small cotton bud. Be sure not to touch the coil in the atomizer with it though.
Once completely dry, reassemble the vaporizer.


Linx Ember Charger I Everyonedoesit UK

So, if you want a dab pen that is both easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain, the Linx Ember could be for you.

By simply holding the pen, you will feel that the pen uses quality materials that will withstand numerous vape sessions even on the hottest setting.

Plus, the Ember Linx also looks as smart as it feels; the pen even looks slick just resting in its black case. For only £30.00, we think the Linx Ember is a steal.