Pax 3: The Best Vaporizer Ever!?

"What is the Pax 3?"

The Pax 3 is a formidable Vaporizer and the latest release from Pax Labs. With its extended battery life – better than any of its predecessors, increased heat-up time and sleek compact package. It is a combo vaporizer, it can utilize dry herbs and concentrates.

Featuring a slim, metallic frame, it’s small, professional and discreet. The Pax 3 now heats up in less than 30 seconds so, you can start vaping your preferred substance in an instant.

The Pax 3 also comes with Bluetooth connectivity; you can connect your vaporizer to your phone and control the heating temperatures from the palm of your hand.

Inspired by its younger brother the Pax 2, looks-wise nothing has changed but internally, the changes are remarkable. Truly a product for the people. If you’re interested in purchasing the best vape on the market, this article will break down and discuss the various features of the Pax 3.

Vaping PAX 3

"So how do I use it?

Using the Pax 3 is rather simple, if you are familiar with Pax Labs and their series of vaporizers then you shouldn’t have any difficulty with turning it on, packing it and changing the temperatures; they haven’t changed!

For those who aren’t as aware, you remove the magnet cap located at the bottom to display the oven, pack it with your preferred dry herb, replace the bottom. To switch the device back on, you press the centre of the mouthpiece.

You can access the temperature controls through the button at the mouthpiece but we recommend using the app for user ease. Once your desired temperature has been reached, the unit will vibrate and the LED lights will turn green to notify you when to start taking draws.

To use wax or concentrates follow the same procedures except swap the containers. Included is the concentrates container. The container will stick out the bottom a tiny bit for user accessibility.

If you’re vaping concentrates, we advise setting the temperature to the highest temperature.

"What tech is in it?"

The Pax 3 includes an increased heat up time. Using cutting edge technology and advanced engineering the Pax 3 can heat up your favourite bud or concentrate within 30 seconds.

The Pax 3 has truly upgraded and evolved since its forerunner, the Pax 2. The Pax 2 used a conduction vaporization, which in layman’s terms means that the surface area of your bud was the first thing that was vaporized upon heating.

However, the Pax 3 uses a convection heating system that immediately vaporizes the active ingredients in your substance. Using these advanced technologies, the Pax 3 will ensure you enjoy some of tasty and thick smoke, always.

The Pax also offer a lip-sensing technology to ensure no battery life is wasted and allowing for a longer session. The lip-sensors also ensure that your substance isn’t overcooked, every draw is as tasty as the last.

PAX 3 App

"What's the battery life like?"

Pax Labs upped their game massively when it came to improve the battery capacity with the Pax 3. The Pax 3 embodies the word evolving.

It offers over double to power than any of the proceeding Pax Units to make sure you get the most out of your Pax and for long, uninterrupted smoking sessions.

Aforementioned, the lip-sensing technology won’t deter from the battery life as it is activated as it comes toward your mouth.

With such a compact vaporizer, it’s hard to believe it could be so powerful but Pax Labs have defied all odds and secured a longer battery life for us vape veterans.

"Is it discreet? Exactly how big is it?"

Pax Labs are renowned for their small a size. Much like the Pax 2, the Pax 3 hasn’t changed in size. The exact measurement is 3.87” tall and 1.2” wide which is smaller than a smartphone!

Making it easy to store in your pant pocket. With the extended battery life, you won’t have to worry about running out of battery! You’ll be able to use it wherever you go! The Pax 3 is a very small and discreet unit.

Using a lower temperature setting can also decrease the amount of smoke released and lessen the smell.

PAX 3 Kit UK

"What can I vaporise with the Pax 3? Just Herbs?"

Knowing whether you’re a dry herb buff or a concentrate king/queen plays a decisive role into buying most Vaporizers. Well - not with the Pax 3!

Not following in the steps of its younger siblings, you can smoke concentrates and dry herbs with the Pax 3.

The Pax 3 is also perfect for beginners who may not know what they prefer as they have the freedom to do both!

The Final Word on Vaping

The Pax 3 is a remarkable piece of smoking equipment. It truly has jumped leaps and bounds from the proceeding Pax. As of writing this blog, the Pax 3 comes in two options. The complete kit or the device only.

The complete kit is retailing for £199.95. The kit includes the Pax 3, a charger, vaporizer maintenance kit and two mouthpieces. In addition to this option, you also get a concentrate insert, multi-tool, half pack oven and a carry case.

We strongly recommend those who are vaping oils to get this option as the necessary equipment needed is included in the package. For a low price, you have the choice to vapor whatever you want in an instant.

The device only option is currently retailing for £179.95 and comes in seven awesome colours you can choose from. This is the preferred Pax of dry herb smokers, included with the Pax 3 vaporizer is a Pax charger, maintenance kit, two mouthpieces and a standard oven lid.

Be sure to grab this Pax so you can vape your dry herbs instantly! Overall, the Pax 3 is an amazing vaping device for newbies and vaping enthusiasts alike, you cannot go wrong with whatever option you get!