Dry Herb Vapes - A Breakdown of Our Favs!

Dry Herb Vapes

Dry herbs are still the most common material that is used in a vaporizer, it is easy, immediate and produces fantastic results. The best dry herb vaporizer can cost a lot but can definitely be worth the money. If you are thinking of getting a budget vape, or you are not sure about what kind of vape you would like, there are plenty on offer with increasingly excellent standards of vapour and battery life.

There are two main types of herbal vaporizer: the portable vaporizer and the desktop vaporizer. They come in all sizes and shapes with a bewildering variety of capabilities, but do not worry, you will have a good idea of what is on offer by the end of this article.

Desktop Vaporizers

When looking for the elusive best dry herb vaporizer, you can rest assured that it will be found on a desktop, coffee table or other flat, immovable surface. The reasons they are so much better than portable vaporizers are that they do not have to bother with batteries, small chambers or inefficient airflow.

The king (or queen, who knows the gender of a vaporizer?) of the desktop vaporizer is the Storz and Bickel Volcano Digit. The Volcano Classic was released in 2000 and set the bar impossibly high for other desktop vaporizers. A large capacity, the revolutionary balloon system and the very finest vapour in the world made it the choice for vapour fans, until the Digit came along in 2009 that is.

This is not an advert for Storz and Bickel, it is just that they make the very best and revolutionized vaporizing, so if you can see what the best is, you know what to look for. The Digit had extremely precise controls (+/- 1.5°C), a digital interface and astoundingly thick, tasty and consistent vapour.

The Volcano Classic

The bar had been set, then everybody else had to catch up. There are loads of great desktop vaporizers on the market, so how to choose?

Digital control is becoming standard, it allows you to set the desired temperature and see the actual temperature with ease. Some have Wi-Fi capability so you can control them with your smartphone, very cool.

Precise temperature accuracy is something to look for. How vape tastes is best is very subjective and everybody has their own preferences. The temperature of vaporization can alter the taste and thickness of vapour hugely, so look for one that will give you a good level of control.

Convection (air) heating is generally better than conduction (contact) heating, though the combination of the two is unbeatable. Convection heating also makes for very low drag resistance and a very pleasurable toke.

Build quality is important, the best way to find out the true quality of a machine is to look at the reviews and the warranty. 2 years plus is a good sign, as is testimony from people who have used it for a few months or years.

Chamber size should be above 0.25 grams for a desktop vape. A larger chamber means more herbs for more sociability and longer sessions. If the chamber is made from quartz or ceramic, all the better.

A quick heat up time is not as necessary as with a portable vape, but sub 3 minutes is good. An auto-shut off is also a really useful feature.

As for accessories, try pick up bags, whips, and grinders to go with your vaporizer.

The best dry herb vaporizer will set you back up to $600 (£450) but you can get a decent one for under $150, so do your homework!

Portable Vaporizers

Usually powered by batteries, they come in all different styles. Battery-less ones use a heat source such as a lighter and can offer decent and extremely discreet vaping. For those less concerned with discretion and more with quality vaping, there are digitally controlled vapes with individual degree settings, ones with a few presets or just one.

Dry herb vapes - a breakdown of our favs!

Some offer glass mouthpieces, which are undoubtedly superior in terms of vapour cooling, they just break easily or get lost. If you are someone who does not drop their phone, a glass mouthpiece is definitely the one to aim for. Glass is inert and a very good heat insulator, so gives pure taste and cool vape.

Heat up time is vital. For the machines that give really good vape, it can take a little while, maybe a couple of minutes to get to the right temperature, but some can be up to temperature in less than 30 seconds.

This is really useful for a quick, discreet blast on the vape in a public place or in a small time window.

Discretion is the appeal for many of a portable vaporizer. The popularity of e-cigarettes has made the portable herb vaporizer an innocuous thing, people just assume you’re trying to quit smoking, not taking a whack of bud.

And by far the PAX 2 and the PAX 3 are the most discreet dry herb vaporizer on the market.

Some portable vapes have a screen, and this should be said to be extremely handy. Knowing what temperature you are at is essential for good vapour quality.

Others go simple and have just a few lights to show they are charging, getting to temperature or what preset is being used.

Battery life is the second most important factor, after vapour quality. If your device will give 30+ minutes of vaping time, you are looking in the right place.

You cannot expect the luxurious, thick, tasty vapour clouds of the best dry herb vaporizer with a portable vape, but they are very good these days. Check the reviews, if you can, try them out, shop around a little and most of all, be safe, be legal and enjoy.