KandyPens - Is this Vape Pen Perfection?

Vaporizer pens can be a real paradigm shift for those who value the discreet and portable aspect of vaping.

They’re compact little vaporizers that can easily fit in the palm of your hand and the back pocket of your jeans. The little devices may trade off precision and power, but what you get in portability is truly amazing.

You can rely on a vape pen to go further and be easier to carry than any other form of vaporizer device. Not only that, vape pens are incredibly easy to use, so for the less than technically minded or for those who value simplicity, vape pens are a must.

There are a huge range of vaporizer pens available, but as with any market some pens have risen to the top and become the defining names of the industry. One such name is Kandypens


Kandypens are one of the biggest purveyors of innovative and stylish vape pens on the market. Kandypens make attractive and dependable vaping tools that are as much of a fashion statement as they are a great way to enjoy your herb. Polished and functional, Kandypens are truly the pre-eminent vaporizer pen brand on the market.

And as with anything, the best vape pens have a model that stands apart from the crowd, becoming the best of the best.

The K-Stick Wax Vape

The K-Stick is a vaporizer pen designed to work with wax concentrates to deliver Kandypens K-Stick Supreme | EDIT UK potent and effective hits on the go. It is designed to work with any wax-type concentrate, which is a solvent concentrate that is several times more powerful than its equivalent weight in dry herb. Wax is particularly good for dabbing on the go, it is light and easy to carry in any non-stick wax container.

The K-Stick uses a single pancake style coil to instantly vaporizer your dry herb concentrate. The coil packs a serious punch and can instantly vaporize any wax concentrate within moments of activation.

The K-Stick has a powerful and durable USB rechargeable battery. To allow you to rely on the K-Stick Kandypens have placed a lifetime warranty on their batteries. So, in the unlikely case that your K-Stick's battery fails, they will have you covered.


Dabbing concentrates are becoming increasingly popular in the herb scene. The advent of vaporizer pens that allow you to enjoy concentrates discreetly on the go are a masterstroke of vape engineering. Kandypens are visionaries who can read the market, and not only that, their products have the quality to deliver and provide fantastic dabbing experiences.
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