What Is A Bubbler & Why Do I Need One?

Glass pipe bubblers are one example of a smoking apparatus that have been around for a long time, yet still prove to be one of the coolest and more popular ways to smoke.

What makes these devices so unique is that they are made from a combination of products. Bubblers have aspects of both bongs and hand pipes, you’re basically getting the best of both worlds.

These pipes are one of the more interesting, fun, and healthier ways to smoke your materials of choice and although linked to the bong, they do have their own unique set of advantages you just can’t get anywhere else.

Benefits of Using a Bubbler

Much like the common bong, bubblers feature a mouthpiece, bowl, stem, andGlass Bubbler | EDIT UK

chamber- which holds the water for smoke to travel through. The chamber allows the smoke to become cooled in the process contributing to the smooth landmark hit associated with water pipes.

Smooth Hits

So how do bubblers provide the ultimate smooth hits? This is down to a few factors and the first, as we mentioned above is the cooled smoke, which essentially means you won’t be taking any harsh hits to the throat or lungs.

The second way is through the percolation system present in water pipes. This means that your smoke gets filtered, diffused, and cleansed all before it reaches your lips. So not only are the hits smooth but they are also healthier, with any nasty toxins removed in the process.

Additional Water Chambers

You might even find that some models have an additional water chamber that can further assist in the cooling process. Bubblers can also display carb holes which allow for a cleaner and faster clearing of smoke.


Unlike large bongs these devices carry the traditional pipe characteristic of portability.

They have the convenience of being handheld, which allows for easy transportation and use on the go. With this being said, they should always be handled with care as most models are crafted with delicate borosilicate glass.

Stylish Appearance

The last reason you should buy a glass bubbler is a little shallow, but it is all down to aesthetics. Yes, they’re an effective means of smoking but these models are also pretty pleasing on the eye.

After all there are few better ways to improve your smoke setting than having an attractive hand crafted bubbler, bong, or pipe as your centre piece.