EveryoneDoesIt UK Guide to Buying Vaporizers

Vaping dry herbs has grown exponentially in recent years. Partially due to its health benefits, pocket friendliness and modern designs, vaping is cool.

If you’re reading this article you are more than likely thinking of making the big change – no, I don’t mean puberty – but changing from traditional smoking methods like rolling and smoking, ripping it from a bong or through an apple! That was only cool for YouTube videos, it tasted like trash.

Sailing along the choppy waters of vaporizer jargon is tough and with no guide you can land yourself in some trouble. So, as your buoy we will help you swim in the waters instead of drowning.

Dry Herbs or Concentrates?

The first thing you should know about buying a vaporizer is what your preferred substance to consume is. Is it those sweet dry herbs or that sticky mouth-watering concentrate or, both!

Many vaporizers are built to specifically work with one of the two products; but there are some that allow you the freedom to choose what product you prefer to ingest. Dry herb vaporizers tend to be a bit bigger but still portable. Concentrate and oil vaporizers tend to be small, palm-concealable and robust.

Portable Vaporizers and Desktop Vaporizers

Vaporizers come in two forms, portable and desktop. Portable vaporizers like the Pax, DaVinci and the Arizer ArGO are designed for people on-the-go.

Pax 3 Vaporizer | EDIT UK

Desktop vaporizers are bigger and suited more for people who enjoy their herbs from the comfort of their own home.

Volcano Classic | EDIT UK

Look at that, breaking down the vaporizer jargon or mansplaining? Who’s to know?


When you’re buying clothes, food, video games you always need money and with money comes a budget. Vaporizers can be anywhere from £50 to £300. A rule of thumb; extravagant vaporizers will come with an extravagant vaporizer. Whatever vape you buty at whatever price, all vaporizers sold here at EveryoneDoesIt are authentic and of the best quality.

Use This Guide As Your Compass

This is the EveryoneDoesIt guide to buying vaporizers. Hopefully you use this guide to navigate through the treacherous seas of vaporizer jargon. Let us be your guide.