7 Must Have Smoking Accessories for Stoners?

Looking for some specular smoking accessories that can a lot to your smoking experience?

There are so many categories of smoking accessories such as bongs, vaporizers, pipes & rigs that can add something different to your daily smoking needs.

Below are the list of our favorite smoking accessories, designed to keep in mind all your smoking needs from lighting to cleaning.

This Things Rips – R Series Mini Torch - £29.99

R Series Mini Torch

R series flame torch is perfect smoking accessories for your lighting needs. It is very flexible & portable torch which allow you to control the flame up to 9 inch at 2700 degree Fahrenheit temperatures.

It has 10 fuel system. You can easily adjust the flame length & temperature until you get your perfect temperature and size.

Above all it comes with limited lifetime manufacturer warranty. So, replace your traditional lighting device with R series mini torch and enter in to the whole new world of temperature controlled smoke.

Compton - Stickler Ashtray - £25.99

Compton - Stickler Ashtray

This sleek designed ashtray is manufactured from aircraft-graded aluminum for higher strength and durability. It comes with a removeable poker that is designed to assist with packing and poking hand rolled cigarettes.

This is very steady and eye catching smoking accessories and that’s why this is one of the coolest smoking accessories that you should keep in your arsenal of smoking accessories.

V12 - Twisty Glass Blunt - £21.99

V12 - Twisty Glass Blunt

This innovative portable device has changed the smoke game forever. It’s a cylinder shaped device come along with a long screw that can be fitted down inside the glass tube.

Now you no longer to use rolling paper or blunt skins. Twisty glass blunt offers you the cleanest & healthier way of smoking dry herb anytime anywhere.

Leave the traditional way of smoking with cigarette, try twisty glass blunt & experience a whole new world of smoking dry herb.

That’s make it, one of the coolest smoking accessories that you want to keep along with you during travel, party, meeting etc.

Ryot – Humidor Combo Box with Insert Box- £79.99

Ryot – Humidor Combo Box with Insert Box

This cool & stylish wooden combo storage box allows you to store smoking stuffs securely.

This combo box equipped with an insert box and more importantly a stylish metal lock & key. This 3*8 Insert box comes along with removeable inner sifter with a quality monofilament mesh.

Now secure your smoking accessories from dust & unhygienic particle with Ryot Humidor Combo Box.

It offers you easiest way to maintain your smoking accessories for longer use. That’s make it one of the must have things to have for stoners.

On Balance – Jewel Digital Pocket Scale - £19.99:

On Balance – Jewel Digital Pocket Scale

This is a perfect gadget for weighing your herbs or other stuff. On balance jewel, mini scale allow you to measure 600 g in 01. g increments.

It has 4 modes of weighing dry herb or other stuff including grams and ounces. It comes along with a detachable lid/tray, 2 AAA battery & auto shut off features.

Now you don’t need to worry about weighing needs. Order a on balance digital pocket scale from EDIT today.

Red Eye Tek - Glass Pipe Cleaner Packs - £19.99

Red Eye Tek - Glass Pipe Cleaner Packs

Cleaning your smoking device is very important to maintain it for a longer life & keep it hygienic for a remarkable smoking session. It also helps you to save you hard earned dollars.

So, keep your smoking device neat & clean with Red Eye Tek cleaner pack. This pack contains 12 sachets that can be very effectively used on glass, metal, ceramic, acrylic products and smoking accessories.

Hurry up!!! Buy this money saving pack from EDIT now & keep your bongs, waterpipes, hookahs and vapor accessories clean and tidy.

Ryot - 420 Utility Tool - £44.99

Ryot - 420 Utility Tool

This utility tool from Ryot is one stop solution for all dabbing needs. This utility tool contains 6+ dabbing tool that can be used for many functions such as concentrate fork, bottle opener/flathead driver, curved scoop, detail hook, flat scoop, grinder, poker, silicone scoop, and tamper.

So, keep all your dabbing need at one place while on the go with this stylish silicone case 420 utility tool.

What are the other smoking accessories that you like the most? Share these in the comment below.